Tommy Robinson: Chinese military recruitment ad puts British Army to shame

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There was one particular comment that Tommy mentioned that resonated with me. That was the comment about why the campaign to attract Muslims and not other nationalities.

Below is a paragraph from my email to Judith Collins at the time of the Counties Manukau Ramadan dinner fiasco.

[…]?As a former frontline South Auckland Police Officer, I?m disgusted to see Counties Manukau Police holding a Ramadan dinner. Policing is about maintaining law and order within our communities. NOT pandering to a particular religious ideology, I don?t recall having dinners for the Maori, Pacific Island or Indian communities. This type of pandering hasn?t worked out well for the British Police and it won?t here either. I am sure there are many other current/ former NZ Police Officers dismayed at this development.

We are losing the real New Zealand due to so called diversity, PC non sense and those who are permanently offended. Unfortunately, the masses still believe what they hear from our MSM without question.

Keep up the great work Judith.

So there you have it, there’s a big fat elephant in the room that very few can see.

Keep up the great work, I enjoy your site and have followed for many years (though have yet to join in the commentary).