Trouble at t’ mill

It seems that Cindy has not given up on her idea of doubling the refugee quota, in spite of the fact that Winston Peters has indicated he is not interested.

Newshub ?reports: quote:

Jacinda Ardern says she wants to “double the quota” of refugees coming to New Zealand, putting her back on a collision course with Foreign Minister Winston Peters.

Appearing on The AM Show on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said she was staying firm on Labour’s campaign promise and her offer to take refugees from the Nauru detention centre. end quote.

This is dangerous stuff, Cindy. These sort of spats are much better conducted behind closed doors. In an MMP environment, even the largest governing party has to give in to their minor partners, or they can find themselves high and dry. And Cindy is heading that way over refugees. quote:

“I want to double the quota,” she told host Duncan Garner.

“That is my intention, the offer’s on the table, and Australia hasn’t removed that offer.

“As long as there are refugees waiting to be resettled it hasn’t moved on and as long as New Zealand’s offer is on the table it hasn’t moved on.” end quote.

You may want to consult Winston about that? quote:

“There is a coalition government, and that coalition Government did not promise to double the refugee numbers,” he said.

“We’ve agreed to take it to 1000… but we’ve made no announcement to double it.

“I can show you parts of Hokianga and elsewhere parts of Northland where people are living in degradation. We have to fix their lives up as well before we start taking on new obligations.” end quote.

Winston is right… we have enough people living in poverty or difficulty without increasing the numbers. Refugees will displace New Zealanders who need help, and there is no reason to do that. quote:

Ms Ardern said Mr Lees-Galloway was just repeating a Labour policy, and changing the numbers would mean going through Cabinet – which would mean dealing with Mr Peters.

“As with everything, Duncan, we have a Cabinet process to go through and I expect we’ll be doing that soon,” she told Garner.

“We’re working through it as a team, Duncan. This is what MMP is and it’s nothing unusual.” end quote.

Dream on, Socialist Cindy. If you think Winston Peters is going to bow to you on this one, I suspect you are wrong. He has his own voters to consider, and most of those are fairly conservative people who think we take enough refugees as it is.

The last government found out the cold, hard facts about MMP when neither the Maori Party nor United Future would support their RMA reforms, which would have made a huge difference to the number of houses being built. But they refused anyway.

And why exactly would Winston Peters support her crazy socialist ideas when he can bring the government to its heels any time he likes?

If Cindy insists on going public with her views on this subject, I suspect it is not going to end well.

This is what you get for selling your soul to Winston Peters. Not that she had a choice.