Trump-like? You have got to be kidding me

I cannot believe that the current leader of National, Simon Bridges would think that it was a good idea to compare Prime Minister Ardern to President Trump. Which group of voters is he trying to appeal to? Certainly not voters like me who think that President Trump with all his faults is doing a fantastic job.

Ardern has already insulted Trump with her “orange” comment and by using Trump as a slur against Ardern, Bridges is even worse. I cringe at the thought of Simon Bridges (if he ever becomes the leader?of the government) meeting with President Trump. Both he and Ardern are not statesmanlike in the least. It is simply not done to be disparaging of a powerful world leader and an ally. Why on earth would either of them deliberately insult President Trump like that?

Photoshopped image credit: SB

ACT leader David Seymour was more effective with his criticism of Ardern’s speech and kept his insults local saying quote.

In a speech reminiscent of an ‘all style, no new substance’ TEDx talk, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spouted the same tax and spend policy approach we came to expect from National, […] John Key could have delivered this speech but with better dad jokes. End quote.

President Trump could take a master class in how to make a speech. Left wing media love to mock his style but his speeches are like a best selling book. A best selling book may not contain academically the most eloquent and sophisticated language according to literary critics but the masses will buy that kind of book en masse because they enjoy reading them.

Well before Trump was elected my daughter showed me a video that analysed his techniques and explained why they work so well. Ardern only has a great smile and Stardust. Ardern is no Trump and Bridges should find another way to insult her because comparing her to someone as powerful and effective as President Trump is a huge?mistake.

I cannot speak for other ex-National?voters but I would vote for a Trump-like National or ACT or New Conservative leader in a heartbeat. In fact, it is what I long for.