Trump negotiates a ‘middle eastern divorce’


If we were to reframe the?long-running?’peace talks’ between Israel and Palestine as a divorce, the United States of America would be the long-suffering wealthy Uncle. The uncle who has been financially supporting the spouse who is obsessed with hurting the other spouse rather than negotiating a fair divorce.

I think the whole world is sick to the back teeth of this middle eastern divorce by now. Only one spouse has seriously attempted to negotiate. Only one spouse has given up land and come in good faith to the negotiating table. You can’t negotiate a divorce if your spouse is only interested in burning down your house, cutting up all your clothes, spray painting your car and killing your beloved pets. What incentive does a vengeful spouse have to settle while funded by a wealthy Uncle who allows them to blow the money on their revenge campaign and a lavish party lifestyle? The children are being seriously neglected and are suffering yet the charade of a negotiation drags on.

Enter President Trump. This is one wealthy uncle who will not tolerate this intolerable situation. quote.

[…] On Saturday, the Trump administration announced it is ?reprogramming? $25 million in aid […]

The steps are the product of an expansive review of US assistance to the Palestinian Authority (PA), which has historically cost the Americans hundreds of millions of dollars a year. President Trump ordered the review to make sure aid complied with US national interest mandates.

The Palestinians labelled the latest aid cut ?an act of political blackmail,? a common response from the PA when conditions are attached to international aid.

In addition to?slashing more than $300 million in aid to UNRWA?last week, the State Department announced a cut of over $200 million in bilateral aid to the Palestinians in late August. End quote.

President Trump has slashed the aid to provide an incentive. He has made it very clear that he will give them the money but not until they sit down, negotiate in good faith and hammer out a peace deal with Israel.

The Palestinian Authority’s lead negotiator Saeb Erekat has accused the United States of operating in ?bad faith?? Incredibly he is suggesting that far from incentivising the Palestinian Authority to return to the negotiation table it will make them even less likely to return to the negotiation table and will make them more likely to escalate their terrorism against Israel. He claims they are now in a position where they have “nothing to lose”

This actually is the beauty of President Trump’s strategy. Whether or not it works the United States of America will no longer be funding the vengeful spouse. Any continued violence and terror against Israel they will have to pay for themselves. No more luxury Jets, no more luxury lifestyles for the Palestinian?elites on the America dime. They can be vengeful and unreasonable with their own money. Quote.

Whether Erekat?s comment regarding ?nothing to lose? represents a veiled threat to Israel or the US remains unknown, however, the PA negotiator did not communicate any willingness to return to negotiations, a condition that Trump recently claimed must be fulfilled before any additional aid will be released to the Palestinians.

?The United States was paying [the Palestinians] tremendous amounts of money. And I say, ?You?ll get money, but we?re?not paying until you make a deal. If you don?t make a deal, we?re not paying,?? Trump stated […]?end quote.