Turf wars and Greens, both very ugly

The Spinoff

Turf wars are ugly whether on an international or a personal level. Typically they will descend to the most bitter hatred and sometimes, unfortunately, the most dreadful of all consequences. They are to be avoided altogether or cauterised very early by submission to a negotiated outcome.

Philosophical turf-wars are much harder to constrain, can be exceptionally vicious, and much longer lasting than an argument over a desk-space, the position of a fence-line, or even an international border. To observe the antics of those involved sometimes disappoints even the most cynical anthropologist as the gloves come off, as the mask of civility drops revealing the truly ugly underbelly of human beings we never thought capable of such hatred and vitriol.? ??

That politicians should not go near such scraps except in the most noble sense; calling for understanding, conciliation and respect, is obvious. But, then again, Marama Davidson is more parts stupid than she is sensible, incapable of reconciling her position of leadership with her inner bully, dismissing, and demeaning those who simply hold alternative views, encouraging and endorsing the most awful pile-ons and verbal assaults on those voices she wants silenced.

TERF is acronym I?d never encountered until yesterday; it means ?trans-exclusionary radical feminist?, or, in layman?s terms, women who are actually women, biologically women, they of mixed chromosomes, who advocate for women?s rights and empowerment and who, to Marama?s disgust, do not accept that men can be women: ever, or at all.

That other women can hold an opposing view, supported by the bald logic of fact, is too much for Davidson who in the juvenile mud-wrestle that twitter is menaces their opinions, sinking to a low, even for her, in endorsing (by re-tweeting) a hateful message referring to ?TERF scum? who ?need? in what appears to be a truly awful double-entendre ?a good block?, before her rage subsumed in overdue civility and she subsequently deleted the message.

Just let that sink in: a senior politician, the leader of the loving Greens, endorsed a statement referring to other women, indeed ?feminists?, whose opinions don?t marry hers as ?scum who need a good block?. Such awful misjudgement beggars belief. If a male politician had re-tweeted the statement I think it would be fair to say MSM press-crews would be surrounding his house, he?d probably need to barricade the door as Alison Mau battered it down, with a block.


When admonished by appalled users who viewed the re-tweet before deletion Ms Davidson used the standard lefty-Green politician fall-back position; she completely denied it, saying, ha-ha, you ?lie?.

Just how thick is hateful Marama, co-leader of the proud New Zealand Greens? Well; the answer is that she is in fact very thick. The internet is forever: Marama.


Hateful, angry, stupid and showing herself to be the gutless bare-faced liar she truly is all in one TERF-war.

Such a person has no place in our parliament, let alone as ?leader? of a party.