‘Vice-chancellors?cannot play nanny to the students’

History professor and author Peter Lineham

Massey University’s board member Professor Peter Lineham tabled one of the two motions to censure Vice Chancellor Jan Thomas.

He claimed in a radio interview?yesterday that he thought that free speech inside universities around New Zealand had actually been strengthened by the controversy caused by the banning of Don Brash. Quote.

I think we have recovered free speech a bit because this controversy has strongly marked the New Zealand campuses by?the fact that vice-chancellors?(and this is happening throughout the world) cannot play nanny to the students. That’s a ridiculous role. The students can choose who they want to listen to, and can have whatever views they want and I think this particular incident has made every vice-chancellor realise that they need to keep their hands out of deciding what students should listen to. end quote.

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