Well I never! Who would’ve thought?

It seems virtue-signalling Aucklanders who previously thought paying a petrol tax to fund public transport for other people to use no longer think it is such a good idea. Who would’ve ever thought that would happen? Quote:

Weeks after Auckland drivers were hit with an 11.5c per litre regional fuel tax, more than half of Aucklanders in a survey said the new charge was a bad idea.

Fifty-seven per cent of the small sample of Aucklanders in the poll done by research firm Ipsos disagreed with the decision to introduce the tax. This was more than double the 22 per cent who supported the tax, while 21 per cent said they didn’t know or neither agreed nor disagreed.

These results mark a collapse in support since a Colmar Brunton poll, done before the tax was introduced, found 52 per cent support among Aucklanders, with 43 per cent opposed.

What Aucklanders say in the polls about the regional fuel tax
Colmar Brunton (released in April, before tax introduced)
??Support: 52%
??Opposition: 43%

Ipsos (poll done in late July, after tax introduced)
??Support: 22%
??Opposed: 57%?End quote.

No surprises there, people are more than happy to click like on Facebook for something, or answer a survey, but when it actually comes to paying for it out of their own pocket you get a predictably different answer. People really are that stupid.

The same thing will happen in about a month when Countdown ask their customers what they really think about the removal of plastic bags. I bet the backlash being suffered by staff exceeds the results of the survey justifying the removal of bags.?Quote:

The Auckland Council imposed the tax within the region from July 1 after the Government passed legislation to permit it. It is expected to raise $1.5 billion over 10 years, but with money from state subsidies and other sources will generate a total pool of $4.3 billion for Auckland transport projects.The online Ipsos poll of 209 Aucklanders and 402 non-Aucklanders was conducted around three weeks after the tax began. The Colmar Brunton poll was released by the council in April.

Ipsos found that, by age, Auckland support for the tax was greatest amongst those 55 or older, at 36 per cent; and least among young adults, at 9 per cent.

By household income, Aucklanders at the lower end – under $60,000 a year – expressed the greatest support for the tax, at 26 per cent; while support was lowest among those pulling in $120,000 or more, at 19 per cent.

Asked by the researchers to explain their views, one Aucklander opposed to the tax said, “Makes it really hard to afford something that is quite essential, especially as a new-grad employee.”?End quote.

Poorer Aucklanders are really suffering, but they suport this more than most, explaining that they are poor because they are stupid. For people like me, whose fuel is pretty much tax deductible, it has made travel on the motorways that much easier because of the lack of cars. But that is only a good indicator that the economy is in a massive slow down because of the tax.?Quote:

Another suggested good Auckland transport was in the national interest: “Auckland down [equals] the rest of the country dead.”

An Auckland supporter of the tax said the region’s transport problems had long been sidelined, for lack of cash. “At last we have a genuine attempt to solve this.”?End quote.

Jacinda’s aunty??Quote:

A Manawatu-Whanganui supporter of the tax said, “It’s Auckland’s problem: you want to live there, don’t expect the rest of the country to subsidise you.”?End quote.

Whilst I agree with the sentiment this fool thinks there are actually seperate markets in New Zealand. He clearly doesn’t realise that most imports come through the port of Auckland and all fuel supplies pass through Auckland at some time. All the trucks moving those goods have to fuel up in Auckland too, so costs get passed on to fools like him.?Quote:

The Mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff, said, “The default response to any new form of tax is to oppose it because none of us want to pay more for any product or service.

“At the same time, overwhelmingly people told us that doing nothing in face of Auckland’s growing congestion problem was not an option and that we needed to address the years of under-investment in our transport system.” End quote.

Just like Countdown, he justified the imposition of a policy on poorly conceived surveys and is now confused as to why he is copping a flogging for ratcheting up taxes on Aucklanders. Labour will be having kittens too.

Source date: Globalpetrolprices.com

The one thing these muppets haven’t thought of yet is the actual collection of the taxes may well be down because of the reduced traffic as a result. There is something dreadfully wrong when petrol in Auckland is nearly a dollar more expensive than in Suva.

When fuel prices go up dramatically it curtails economic activity. I’d guess that the actual figures being less than predictions but the National party seems to be asleep at the wheel on this, instead focusing on a leaker.