We?ve seen the past, and it failed

It was a Prosperous Country, Now Its people are Forced to Eat Rabbits. That?s What Socialism Does to a Country

Rich people in the wealthiest capitalist democracies have a strange enthusiasm for socialism. Usually directly inverse to their understanding of it. People who have actually lived through socialism, on the other hand, tend not to be so sanguine. Quote:

As Cuban Americans, we know socialism when we see it?Given our humble immigrant roots, student loan debt, and monthly medical expenses, you?d figure that democratic socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would appeal to us?but they do not. Instead, they?re eerily reminiscent of the left-wing populists that millions in my community fled. End of quote.

One of the big arguments for socialism is that it?s ?fair?, especially for poor people. This would be a great argument ? if it were true. Quote:

I agree we must do more to help families like mine, but the policies of democratic socialists would have shackled us to the duplex where I was raised. I know this to be true because that is exactly what happened to the loved ones my grandparents left behind in socialist Cuba. They died in the same place where they were born. End quote.

The indisputable evidence from history (and indeed from the present) is that socialism not only fails, but it overwhelmingly fails the very people it claims to champion. Socialist regimes invariably condemn the masses to penury and misery, while an elite nomenklatura lives in fortified luxury. End of quote.

To avoid admitting this, the cheer-squadders of socialism resort to pea-and-shells games. Quote:

In a classic bait-and-switch scam, democratic socialist politicians and their allies in the media are hoping that Americans confuse them for Nordic social democrats. While the terms are phonetically similar?the ideology and policies of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which include an end to profits and ?democratizing? the means of production, are much more like those of Havana and Caracas than Helsinki and Copenhagen.

Having been raised in a community built by the victims of socialism, it is difficult to explain just how bizarre it is to hear American media personalities?assure us it?s ?just like liberalism? and ?unlike your grandfather?s concept of socialism.? Of course, they fail to mention the part about government seizing control of people?s businesses and property. End of quote.

Simply reversing the order of the same words doesn?t make things the same. A house cat is not the same as a cat house. The social democracies of Scandinavia are not ?democratic socialism?. Quote:

The failure of pundits to discern between democratic socialism and Nordic social democracy is not for a lack of transparency on the part of DSA. While their political candidates tend to resort to platitudes, DSA?[are] explicit: ?here?s the truth: democratic socialists want to end capitalism.? End of quote.

Even the Scandinavians aren?t buying the Democratic Socialists? nonsense. The Danish prime minister explicitly rebutted Bernie Sanders? claims. Quote:

When I presented a team of Norwegian economists with a summary written by Vox of DSA?s economic ideas, eleven out of the 12 indicated the views would fall on the ?far-left/fringe? end of Norway?s political spectrum. End of quote.

Celebrity fools try and hand-wave away socialist failures like Venezuela because they know that admitting the truth would blow their arguments out of the water. Quote:

Venezuela and Cuba are perfectly valid illustrations of democratic socialist policies?In Argentina, presidents Nestor and Cristina Kirchner nationalized major companies and placed them under the control of incompetent allies, which taxpayers continue bailing-out to the tune of $400,000 per day. True to the democratic socialist playbook, they also implemented labyrinthine business regulations and grew public payrolls by 61 percent. Kirchnerismo?s results ranged from lackluster to so dismal that government officials felt they had to manipulate economic data to conceal their performance.

The problem is not, as some say, that ?democratic socialism? has not been tried and that only they know how to get it right; it?s that, by design, it makes economies fail and societies susceptible to totalitarianism. End of quote.

Ed West, in The Spectator, wrote that, ?If a type of aeroplane had crashed on every single occasion it was flown, a travel company that sent 200 people up in one wouldn?t be forgiven for having good intentions. It would be regarded as criminally irresponsible?. The left can no longer plead good intentions in their endless spruiking of socialism: unless they?re just completely ignorant, or venal liars.

We?ve seen the past, and we know it failed.