Whale Meat: Guilty or not guilty?

We are putting our Whale Meat?on trial.

It has been accused of being tender and delicious so we have decided to plead guilty.

If you want to see if our meat is guilty as charged be one of our first 100 customers.

Whale Meat is going live for a test to trial its systems.

We are limiting orders to 100 ONLY so you will have to get in quick if you want to order our tender and delicious Whale Meat this week.

Our cut off date for ordering will be Sunday night the 16th of September

  • Our courier partner will process addresses Monday the 17th
  • All meat will be cut and packed to be sent by Wednesday the 19th
  • Courier delivery will be Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st

The Whale Meat website is currently up and running but it will be closed once we have received our first 100 orders.

This is our starter pack, if you want to see other choices then please visit the Whale Meat website.

As this is a delivery trial run for Whale Meat we want to limit the first lot of orders.

Do not despair, you can still register your email address.

So for a limited time, we welcome you all to the Whale Meat website.

We will be open fully for business soon.

The Whale Meat Company