What constitutes ‘undue pressure’?

Since when has it been ok for staff to be offered a bonus of $500 if they agree to join the union?

Since the PSA started recruiting for membership at MBIE.

This from the Taxpayers Union: Quote:

This week we were contacted by a staffer at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment concerned about a secret new deal which sees taxpayers paying bonuses to bureaucrats for joining a union.

We have been leaked this email, from the Public Service Association to all MBIE staff. It reveals that, as a result of recent pay negotiations, MBIE will pay a one-off $500 bonus to PSA members.? End of quote.

That?s our tax money, being used by the government to boost its membership. It smacks of corruption.

From The Free Dictionary, the definition of the word corrupt is:?open to or involving bribery or other dishonest practices. Sounds about right.

At the very least, it could be considered ‘undue pressure’.? According to Employment New Zealand, union membership is a choice and no-one can put (directly or indirectly) undue pressure on you to be (or not to be) a union member.

For anyone who is struggling financially, offering a bonus of $500 to join the union could well be undue pressure.

More importantly, are you happy about your taxes being used to give bonuses to staff because they join a union?