When you lose the media it’s all over, Cindy dear

Jacinda Ardern cancelled another media engagement and finally the media’s patience with her has burst.

No one believes her story of blaming a diary mistake. The reality is she needed the morning to practice using a teleprompter.? ?

When you lose Tim Watkin, a weaselly, liberal tosser, then you’ve lost your audience also.

The video of the panel discussion on The Nation was damning.

Tim Watkin was blunt as all hell. He basically says that Jacinda Ardern is the only prime minister to ever have cancelled turning up for these shows, ever.

It is actually abject cowardice. Jacinda Ardern just wants scripted PR events with patsy questions.

Tim Watkin finished his comments with “come and front up prime minister, where are?”


Imagine if John Key had ever carried on like little Cindy is.

I think we are going to see a lot more of Cindy Sourface in coming weeks.