Who doesn’t want to be obeyed?

We all know that a lot of people get offended easily these days (very easily in some cases) but this article in a newspaper will really make you wonder. quote:

When it comes to break-ups, people often talk of there being a particular moment that made them realise their relationship was over.

For one woman, this moment came when she found a text on her husband’s phone ? that revealed the cruel nickname he’d given her. end quote.

Resting bitch face? Fat Slag? The Old Bag? quote:

Speaking to Mamamia anonymously, she said she “didn’t see it coming, but should have”, and wrote: “From the moment our son was born, nothing changed for my husband. end quote.

I assume she insisted on anonymity because she wanted nobody to realise how pathetic she really is. quote:

While her husband was in the shower one morning, the woman noticed that his phone “kept pinging”.

She thought she’d check if it was something urgent, but discovered it was just his friends from a sports club talking about a post-match session they’d been at the night before. end quote.

So, he wasn’t cheating on her then… just chatting online with friends about sports. All good. quote:

“This morning, he’d woken at 8am and headed straight for the shower, without even checking in on me and the baby in the kitchen. end quote.

That attitude probably tells you something. If he is anything like me, and definitely not a morning person, staggering to the bathroom is about all I can do. quote:

“But evidently, my husband had made the time to send a few replies.

“I didn’t know what to make of his last one, which read: ‘Don’t think I can make it tonight. end quote.

And here it comes… the nickname that ended their marriage. quote.

SWMBO will say no.'” end quote.

(She probably would. Or fume about it for days. Or both.)

And that was it?? quote:

When she confronted him, he casually told her it stood for “She Who Must Be Obeyed”.

At this point, the woman “felt like she’d been slapped in the face”.

She says it had never been a matter of him “obeying” her, writing: “It’s called respect for your family.

“Courtesy in checking with them to see if you’re needed ? to let them know what your plans are.”

Despite the fact that they’d been together for 10 years, she took her son and left the next week as he “valued them so little”. end quote.

Just for some historical context,?The phrase?She Who Must Be Obeyed?originally derives from the lead character of Henry Rider Haggard’s 1886 novel?She: A History of Adventure.

SWMBO was an immortal queen.

It is now a term which makes surreptitious suggestions about who wears the trousers in a relationship. Lots of men use it, often with a wry smile. In reality, he was calling her a queen.

(Although the title of Princess might have been more appropriate.)

And he was talking to his mates, remember. That is how boys talk to one another. (I’m guessing here, guys.)

And that is all it takes to destroy a marriage?

It is easy to say ‘there must have been other problems’, but I am torn in two completely different directions here.

First – has the bar for being offended now been set so low that a simple nickname can be enough reason to throw away a 10-year relationship? or

Second – does the media just make this stuff up?

I lean towards the latter. Nobody could be that stupid, surely?