Why Douglas Murray is wrong

Caption: Europe isn’t dying ? it’s being raped and murdered.

Douglas Murray?s book, The Strange Death of Europe, is an excellent work. But its title is wrong. Europe isn?t dying, it?s being murdered. Worse, it is being murdered by the very people who are supposed to be custodians of its heritage and its future. Quote:

The future of Europe is not Western civilisation. The EU has demanded the dismantling of internal borders used to stop mass immigration from Islamist regimes and Africa. It has issued veiled threats to Britain, censured Hungary and taken aim at dissident states.

The EU is not an ally of liberal democracy, in any traditional sense of the word liberal or democracy. It is a leviathan moving against the tide of liberty, democracy and human enlightenment.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker claims to champion Europe and democracy. But his supposed liberalism is viewed by some as a cover for extremely illiberal practices such as destroying democratic nations by breaking borders. Juncker?s reputation took a blow after London?s The Telegraph quoted him as saying: ?When it becomes serious, you have to lie ? I?m ready to be insulted as being insufficiently democratic ? I am for secret, dark debates.? End of quote.

Some time ago, Whaleoil reported on plans to build an EU army. Even despite the evidence laid out, it admittedly still felt embarrassingly like foil-hatted conspiracy-theorising. Yet, here we have the EU?s own president saying it loud and clear. Quote:

He insisted that internal borders be dismantled. He outlined plans to make Europe a sovereign actor in international relations with a fully operational defence system. End of quote.

This is astonishing stuff in its barefaced hubris. The EU is not even hiding its contempt for the sovereignty of its member-states any more.

Sovereignty, the basic organisational principle of international politics for centuries, states that a sovereign state is the supreme authority over its territory. A key point of sovereignty is that it is absolute and exclusive: there is no higher authority over a territory than a sovereign state. Either a nation is sovereign, or it isn?t. The EU has fudged the issue of sovereignty for decades, but no longer. If the EU is ?a sovereign actor?, then by definition its member states no longer are.

France, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Italy: all will cease to be sovereign nations. They will become mere administrative districts in a European super-state, run from Brussels.

Worse, it will be a European super-state that no longer cares to even be European. Quote:

To celebrate his final state of the union address, he said: ?To speak of the future, one must speak of Africa ? Europe?s twin continent. Africa is the future.?

It would be useful for the unelected officials dismantling Europe one border at a time to clarify which Africa is Europe?s future. Is it the sharia-toting Islamist regimes of the north, or the thieving communists of Africa?s deep racist south that sing songs about white genocide? End of quote.

The sharia-toting Islamic supremacists strived for centuries to conquer Europe. They almost succeeded: occupying the Iberian peninsula for centuries, plundering Rome and besieging the Vatican, until the invading tide was finally turned back at the gates of Vienna.

Nearly 500 years later, the craven leadership of Europe has thrown open the gates and is surrendering the continent, not just without a fight, but actively abetting the conquerors. Quote:

In recent years, the EC has presided over the mass migration of terrorists, human traffickers, rapists, welfare cheats and criminals into Europe. It has facilitated the rise of jihad as a European condition by making states open their borders to millions of migrants from the Islamic world at the height of Islamic State?s war on the West. Its open-border policy has resulted in the mass murder of European citizens by Islamists, the mass sexual assault of women and girls, the censorship of free speech to protect Islamist sensibilities and the suppression of dissent. End of quote.

In the 1930s, Vidkun Quisling gave the English language a new word for ?traitor?. Today, the new word for craven, venal betrayal should be ?Juncker?.

Europe is not just being murdered: it?s being raped, violated, tortured and plundered, and its elites are cheering the carnage on every step of the way and slapping themselves on the back for doing so.