Why John Banks is a man I admire

The man the left loved to demonise and the man that Kim Dotcom sought to destroy has shown himself to be the man I have known and respected for years with his message to Penny Bright: Quote:

Former Auckland City Mayor John Banks has expressed his admiration for activist Penny Bright, who is gravely ill in Auckland Hospital.

Banks told?Herald?he is thinking only kindly of Bright at this time and very sad to learn she is so unwell.? ?

Bright was rushed to hospital a week ago with a life-threatening diabetic condition on top of stage three ovarian cancer diagnosed at the height of a battle to save her house from being sold for refusing to pay rates for 11 years.

She was given between one and six days to live by doctors, but marked the sixth day yesterday by turning 64, telling the?Herald?in a beside interview: “I am alive, yippee.”

Bright talked about various Auckland mayors she had crossed swords with, including Banks, who was Mayor of Auckland City in 2001-2004 and 2007-2010.

In one famous incident, Bright was one of several protesters evicted and dragged by security guards on the instructions of Banks from a council meeting at the Auckland Town Hall in 2002.

In the same year, Bright took part in the “Wake Up Auckland” movement that saw about 1200 people marching up Queen St against Banks’ leadership style and policies, including the sale of council pensioner housing.

Yesterday, Bright said to be fair to Banks he had the concept of fair play and acknowledged she was prepared to stand up and have a go.

“I don’t hate anybody. It is all about the behaviour and it is the actions of John Banks I don’t agree with,” she said.

Banks said he had no animosity towards Bright, but “admiration for her braveness in her stand for the matters she cared deeply about”.

“It will never be said she didn’t keep us on our toes and made us have second thoughts about the things she stood for and stood against. With all her many crusades she never left us in any doubt,” said Banks. End quote.

What a fine man, certainly a better man than me. Penny Bright has attacked me constantly too, but I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy. She was?mad as a hatter but she is going out with dignity, good on her.

Compare and contrast John Banks and his comments towards a dying adversary with the actions of Kim Dotcom who rung a man also dying of cancer, a man who bailed him out to the tune of several million dollars, and abused him and laughed that he was dying of cancer. I know this happened because I heard the recorded conversation. I was appalled. That man had the dignity of John Banks and refused to publish the message. I would have.

You won’t find any kind words coming from the left-wing when John Banks passes, or indeed anyone else on the conservative side of politics. They portray themselves as pious upright caring people when the reality is somewhat different.

It is actions like this from John Banks that shows others why it is I admire him and consider him a very good friend.