Winston broke up the refugee virtue signalling party

Credit: SonovaMin

Winston Peters has broken up the refugee virtue signalling party. While Jacinda Ardern was ready to adopt the entire Nauru refugee population, plus any stray cat that happened to wander by, Winston had other ideas.

Jacinda?s resounding 40% victory wasn?t enough to convince NZ First to throw the rest of the country under the bus. This has brought out the media propaganda machine to cram more refugee tales of woe down our throats yet again. These liars just can?t take ?Go on a long swim to the bottom of the Tasman? as an answer.

The left loves to play emotional blackmail to get their way. They?ll say that flooding our countries with the third-world is ?Doing Our Bit? and is noble. They?ll compare us to countries like Australia and Germany to the sound of violins off in the distance. The people saying these things are manipulative liars.

When I was a child if my friends were doing something stupid, I?d ask my mother if I could do the same stupid thing with them. She?d look at me and say, ?If your friends were all jumping off a cliff, would you do it too??

Even as a child this response made perfect sense to me, yet it confounds the open borders left. This speaks to the childish nature of their belief system that they can?t grasp this simple concept.

We have leftist nation wreckers comparing our refugee intake numbers to places like Australia as the standard we should meet. As if what Australia is doing to themselves is a good thing when it?s actually been a disaster for them. Jump off that cliff, bigot.

We can have the Australian dream if we only increase our refugee numbers!

Australia and other Western countries have taken in more refugees than us per capita. That is true. But it is also true that they have imported a violent invading horde and know they were suckers for doing it. This is not a competition we?want?to win.

Stabbing 11 year-olds is a new German tradition thanks to refugees.

The second argument about refugee migration and all third-world migration for that matter is for the economy. We are told that only the magic of third-world immigration can save the economy from the bogeyman, or at least ensure profits can sustain the CEO?s yacht in good working order. Do you know how much it costs to polish mahogany decking?

Regardless, the economy insists we need refugee immigrants to read us bedtime stories in early retirement while they take care of the place. How exactly importing an unskilled violent underclass gets us to early retirement is not clear, but the economy demands it.

Are you willing to work longer to pay for your new replacements?

Yet, a nation does not exist for the economy. Rather the economy exists thanks to the nation and?people?that built it. If the economy is demanding that we do things that hurt the people that built the nation, then it?s the economy that should change, not the people that built the place.

Most would rather live in safe cohesive communities without the need for mass surveillance and truck barriers vs. boosting the GDP by 0.1% a year. Is the destruction to our way of life, safety and culture worth it just to help some company owner buy a second bach with the money they saved with cheap imported labour?

The lamest of the excuses for refugee resettlement is that importing the third-world brings us better food. The shallow and selfish people saying this are in the lowest rung of IQ. They want to give up the safety, security and culture of their nation because they are too lazy to read a recipe.

But just think of the awesome food!

At least a company owner using cheap labour under the guise of humanitarian goodness gets something out of the deal (more money). But people going on about the food are selling out everything for crap cuisine. Cuisine they wouldn?t be eating if they weren?t trying to impress their equally shallow and selfish friends on Facebook.

What about the food, bigot?

The virtue signalling around refugee resettlement is always about love and compassion but who exactly is it these people love? They are bringing in groups that rape, rob, run over, stab, shoot, explode, and abuse social services at every turn. This is not what someone that loves you does. That?s what someone that hates you does.

Does this look like love?

Let?s look at how Japan handles the situation. In 2016 they brought in around 26 refugees. Two of them went on to brutally gang rape a Japanese citizen.

Two rapists out of 26 refugees doesn?t prove anything. Don?t be an Islamophobe.

The next year the Japanese did not double the quota hoping to bring in?four rapists?instead of the paltry two they got. Instead, they lowered the admitted total to?three?for the first half of 2017. That is what love looks like. When you love someone, you?protect?them. You don?t hand them over to rape gangs.

This is what true love looks like. The love of the Japanese people by the Japanese government.

The open borders left doesn?t know what love is because they only love their moral preening. They are oozing with hatred for everything about Western culture and want to destroy it.

Jacinda Ardern and the other cat ladies of the left do not own the country. They did not build New Zealand and it is not theirs to give away to anyone asking to be let in.

Western nations were built through the blood, sweat and tears of people that wanted it to be left to?their?descendants. It was not built to hand away to people that beat, rob, shoot, stab, rape, and murder us. We should respect what has been given to us as a precious gift. We do not owe the world an existence and we should reject any attempts to turn our homes into a dump for everyone else?s problems. Non-western refugees belong elsewhere.


by Jack Remarkable