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laeotropic (adj) – Turning or forming a spiral to the left or anticlockwise.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The adjective laeotropic ?turning leftward? is restricted to describing snail shells. The second element, -tropic ?turning (to),? is common enough in the physical sciences, e.g., geography, meteorology, chemistry. The first element laeo- is rare. It comes from the Greek adjective lai?s ?left, on the left? (there is one ancient lexicographical reference implying the form laiw?s). Laiw?s is all but identical to Latin laevus and pretty close to Slavic (Polish) lewy. Outside these three branches of the Indo-European languages (and possibly also Lithuanian, among the Baltic languages), laiwo- does not occur. Laeotropic entered English in the 19th century.