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lapidary (noun) – 1. One who cuts, polishes, or engraves gems.
2. A dealer in precious or semiprecious stones.

(adj) – 1. Of or relating to precious stones or the art of working with them.
2. (a) Engraved in stone.
(b) Marked by conciseness, precision, or refinement of expression.
(c) Sharply or finely delineated:

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The Latin word for “stone” is lapis; in that language, something “of or relating to stone” is described as lapidarius. Gem cutters obviously relate well to stone, and during the 14th century someone decided that lapidarius should be related to them. The spelling of the term was modified, and it was borrowed into English as a name for both gem cutters and their art. Since the 1700s, lapidary has also been used as an adjective describing things having the elegance and precision of inscriptions carved on stone monuments or things relating to the art of gem cutting.