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littoral (adj) – Of or on a shore, especially a seashore

(noun) – 1. A coastal region; a shore.
2. The region or zone between the limits of high and low tides.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : English littoral comes from the Latin adjective littor?lis (l?tor?lis is more correct), a derivative of littor- (l?tor-), the inflectional stem of l?tus (littus) ?shore, shoreline.? In general littoral is used for technical subjects, e.g., geography, biology. The one exception is the common noun lido meaning ?fashionable beach resort,? and the somewhat less fashionable ?public open-air swimming pool.? Lido comes directly from Venetian Italian Lido (di Venezia) (from Latin l?tus), the name of a sandbar or chain of sandy islands between the Lagoon of Venice and the Adriatic, the site of the annual Venice Film Festival. Littoral entered English in the 17th century.