Your sons are your daughters, and ours to command

Caption: How much are these kids going to hate their loonie parents, when they grow up?

?Give me the child for seven years,? goes the saying attributed to the Jesuits. ?And I will give you the man.? Even the most swivel-eyed ideologues have always known one thing: get to the kids. Thus, the Hitler Youth, the Red Guards, and the Young Communist International. The fictional Party of Orwell?s 1984 likewise had its youth wing, the Spies, which turned children into ?ungovernable little savages?, ever ready to denounce and bully.

Australian schools are being urged to install gimlet-eyed Queer Theory indoctrinaires, as so-called ?Gender Whisperers. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has criticised this unjustifiable ideological intervention, to the predictable ?outrage? of the left-elite. Quote.

According to The Daily Telegraph, there has been a ?236 per cent surge in the number of kids wanting to change sex in the past three years?. And this is all because teachers are ?being taught to spot potential transgender students?. How is this to be professionally assessed? Well, apparently:

It involves teachers learning to identify key phrases such as ?I feel different?, ?I?m androgynous? and ?I?m born with two spirits?, indicating transgender leanings in students as young as five. End quote.

Cartoonist ?Patri-Archie Comics? satirised the inquisitorial obsessiveness of the ?Gender Whisperers?, in a cartoon that shows a little boy playing with spaceships and weapons improvised from household items. As every boy, ever, has always done. But, when the unfortunate lad picks up a lipstick and launches it as a ?missile?, their barge-arsed non-binary parent immediately swoops. ?Aha!? xe gleefully cackles. ?Caught you playing with lipstick! I always knew you were trans!? The terrified child is summarily dragged off for gender reassignment. Quote.

According to Dr John Whitehall, the Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Western Sydney, the rates of children identifying as transgender have in the past been extremely small. As Dr Whitehall wrote in Quadrant Online:

Paediatricians with a total of 931 years? experience reported only 12 cases of gender confusion, meaning just one genuine case might be expected every 76 years. Now, each year in Australia, hundreds are presenting for treatment which the ascendant orthodoxy decrees must be provided. End quote.

Psychology has long identified the phenomenon of ?social contagion?. Biologist Richard Dawkins has also postulated ?meme theory?: the hypothesis that ideas propagate in a manner similar to genes. One of the earliest examples of this was the wave of suicides which swept Europe in the 18th, following the publication of Goethe?s suicidal romantic tragedy, ?The sorrows of young Werther?. Young men, especially, dressed as the tragic hero and shot themselves with similar pistols. Quote.

According to Telegraph, ?Gender counsellor Dr Elizabeth Riley, who has advised 40 private, public and Catholic schools in the past three years, said it was important to educate teachers given one per cent of students were transgender.? However, the reality is those suffering from gender dysphoria is only a fraction of that actual figure?Unfortunately, this is a trend that is also being observed overseas. According to Caldron Pool, last year The Telegraph (UK) reported ?The number of children being referred to gender identity clinics has quadrupled in five years.? In 2012/13 a total of 20 children, between the ages of three and seven, were referred to the Gender Identity Development Services, a facility for transgender children. In 2016 that number rose to 84. Referrals for children under the age of 10 also increased from 35 in 2012/13 to 165 in 2016. End quote.

Patri-Archie Comics has dubbed this divide between the exceedingly rare instances of clinically diagnosed gender dysphoria and bandwagon-jumping girly-men as ?Transgender v trans-trender?. The former are a very small minority who, as Jordan Peterson has observed, mostly just want to quietly cope with their issues. They are privately mortified by the noisy majority of loudmouth activists who falsely claim to ?speak for them?.

Unfortunately, the activists, as activists will, also want to force their screeching delusions on the impressionable minds of children. As Jim Goad writes, ?parents are using their own children as inanimate sexual voodoo dolls through which they?re either working out their own bottomless psychiatric issues or skin-peelingly shallow cultural trendiness?.

Children are natural fantasists. My youngest would spend entire days being a monkey or a dog. Using the passing whims of children in service to the ideological obsessions of unscrupulous adults, and subjecting them to dangerous, life-altering medical interventions is little more than child abuse. Quote.

All children deserve to be raised in a safe and caring environment. And as such, Mr Morrison is absolutely right. State sanctioned ?gender whisperers? should have absolutely no part in the education system. Let kids be kids and stop trying to mess around with their gender. Just how far, though, the new Prime Minister and his government will push back against the sexualisation of vulnerable children remains to be seen. End quote.

Once they are introduced to a cultural host, ideas, however destructive, can propagate like viruses, sometimes leaving a terrible toll in their wake. Children are having their development retarded and their bodies mutilated by parents and state authorities besotted with idiotic Marxist fantasies.

Expect a lot of lawsuits in about ten years.