A friend in need is a friend indeed


Some say that conservativism is based on Christian values and it may well be. I think it’s based on what we call common sense. “Turn the other cheek” may contradict “an eye for an eye” but they are verses/proverbs?that need to be taken in context. None more so than this week when I realised the true meaning of “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.? (Just by the by a sookbook friend said something along the same lines to do with the nature of the world today in which so many get pleasure or satisfaction from sharing in (the form of videos and quotes and other media) the misery and embarrassment of others.)

My point is this:

I know someone who wronged me badly a few years ago but he is down on his luck and has since become a father. Now he is living day to day and has very little aspirations towards bettering himself. He sees his life as only ever being what he is today. Tomorrow may as well be next century. I won’t try and influence his opinion about that obvious lack of foresight, because I don’t believe you can. I truly believe one of our first “whaleoil wisdoms” where is that? “you cannot change anyone’s mind. You can only show them the information” That is the crux of all argumentation.

Anyway, back to the point: others in the greater friend circle are reveling in the fact that this (perhaps former) twit of a lowlife is falling on tough times but I know that indulging in such shallow pleasures won’t lead to any satisfaction on my behalf.

Anyway despite the previous “wronging” I gave him some money for some pizza and now he and his family are eating. I didn’t bother with all the “Well…if you had have listened to me…” and the “you’re on a path to self-destruction” and “well if you were more like me…” crap that others are heaping on him.? He knows now that he was a lowlife. He knows he did wrong and he obviously tries to make up for it every time he sees me.

There is a parallel. I didn’t give money for the pizza for him or for his family. I gave for me and I gave for conservativism.

On a political scale, am I wrong when I say “forgive them for they know not what they do”?

Things are getting heated around the globe. There are silly lines being drawn and those on the bandwagon of socialism don’t even know they are on it. All it took for me to realise that the path to freedom and the true order of hierarchy (which is more natural than anything the Green party will ever preach to you about) was a quick Google of what Socialism actually is.

Same goes for this person in my life. I said to him to have another child because a year or two ago if he had have been told he was going to be a father the response would have been “I’m not ready! I’m too busy being young and taking what’s mine” but in the face of responsibility, he rose up. In the face of another baby, he might actually realise his place is not the gutter. I said to him that he chose to rise above and that as I see it is fundamentally what conservatives do. We don’t go looking for trouble. We largely ignore it until push comes to shove. We chose responsibility over emotion. We know that pride comes before a fall and we also know the value of that fall.

In conclusion, all I’m trying to say is that I hope that anyone reading this chooses not to kick an anti-Trumper or hate on a Jacinda fairydust unicorn rider supporter. Hold your head up with dignity in your arguments and speak facts. Know what you are talking about and don’t allow your arguments to be sidetracked with emotional things that by and large are not important on the greater scale.