A good law from NZ First

New Zealand First has adopted a policy and will promote a bill saying that migrants to New Zealand must sign up to respecting our values. Quote:

New Zealand First delegates have voted to support the party introducing a bill that would make migrants and refugees “respect New Zealand values”.

It was a hotly-debated motion this morning at the party’s annual convention in Tauranga, with one delegate saying there should be a citizenship test because “they got to learn how to be disciplined in our country ways”.

“I’m afraid we’re getting some certain types creeping in, of various nationalities, or various ideas, that are not actually kosher with New Zealand’s way of life.”??

Another delegate said he supported the bill. While New Zealand welcomed immigrants who wanted to help build New Zealand, “We won’t want people here and then running off to create trouble”.

“What we want is a country where everybody is working together. We don’t want groups coming over here and trying to impose their ideas on us. We have our way, we have our culture and we have our customs, and that needs to be respected.

“We will not put up with nonsense like what has happened overseas, people coming in and creating a lot of trouble.” End quote.

This has the potential of gaining NZ First a great many votes. Quote:

New Zealand First MP Clayton Mitchell read the preamble of the Respecting New Zealand Values Bill.

New Zealand is a tolerant society. Our tolerance means that if an individual wants to immigrate to New Zealand, they must accept, respect and adhere to the tolerance our society expects,“it says.

“Immigrants must agree to respect New Zealand’s values and to live a life that demonstrates that they respect New Zealand values.

The bill included respect for gender equality, religious freedom and New Zealand law.

Mitchell said the bill essentially meant refugees and migrants had to sign up to New Zealand values or be “sent home”.

“We have got no problem with other cultures or other religions being here but when those intolerant people come here, that’s when we should be showing our intolerance and asking them to go back to where they come from.” end quote.

Spot on. This is good because?immigrants have to be tolerant of us, not the other way around. NZ First is promoting tolerance, protects gays, women, Jews and the rights we have all have gained over many decades.

Will the Greens and Labour support tolerance or will they be intolerant and oppose this bill? Has National learned their lesson from supporting intolerant cultures and support this bill or will they continue their own intolerance and personal vendetta against Winston Peters?