An unhealthy obsession

Caption: Now this here is a story ’bout how Karl Marx wants your pee-pee.

I?ve written before about the seedy paedophilic underbelly of the contemporary left. Under the banner of Marxist ?Queer Theory?, many leftist ideologues argue that every element of bourgeois morality must be systematically swept away in order to finally destroy capitalist society. The current mania for ?gender fluid identity? is just a rehash of the old Communist ?New Man?, sauced with a perverse obsession with sex and children.

A growing movement is trying to normalise paedophilia as a ?sexual orientation? under the ?LGBTQ? umbrella. Worse is the alarming push by state authorities to normalise the sexualisation of children, at the behest of creepy activists. As British writer David Robertson predicted, ?after SSM, it would be Transgender and then the removal of gender altogether (this is all classic Queer Theory) and that this would then be followed by polyamory, polygamy, incest and then paedophilia?.

Two recent items demonstrate how pervasive, and how sinister, is the left?s obsession with sexualising everything about children. Quote:

There?s a new line of underwear on the market, and it?s helping ?transgender? boys as young as five hide their penises.

?Tuck Buddies? were created to be a ?comfortable underwear option for transgender kids.? The product is designed with an extra layer at the front to ?provide a bit of padding and coverage for young trans kids.?

?My five and a half year old trans daughter has pretty much always presented as a female,? one customer said. ?As an infant everyone assumed she was a baby girl.? End of quote.

Now, I?m not a betting man, but I?m willing to lay odds that this ?customer? has been dressing their baby boy in girly clothes and banning him from playing with ?boy? things like trucks and action figures. Quote:

?Around five, after transitioning, she really started noticing her penis more, and complaining about it ?bothering her in all kinds of different ways.? End of quote.

What you mean to say is, you?ve burdened a malleable young mind with more problems than any kid should have to deal with. While I would never wish mental illness on an innocent child, plenty of parents deserve to be repeatedly beaten with a rolled-up wad of their kids’ therapy bills. Quote:

When she purchased a pair of ?Tuck Buddies? her child exclaimed, ?Mama! These fix all my problems!? End of quote.

You wish, kid.

But, now it gets really skin-crawling? Quote:

A separate company called Transkids is not only selling a similar line of tuck-style underwear for young boys, but miniature silicone penises for girls as young as five. End of quote.

Read that again. Then get down on your knees and beg that Sweet Meteor o? Death to come.

Remember ?Sport?, Harvey Keitel?s repugnant child-pimper in Taxi Driver? These days, he wouldn?t do anything so crude as turning out a 12-year-old in Hell?s Kitchen: he?d be making bank by legally sexually exploiting kids. Quote:

Chris McGovern, a former advisor to the Department of Education in the UK rightly said, ?It has become an industry, people are making a career out of encouraging children to question gender at an age when they need to be left to be children.? End of quote.

The second item demonstrates how the left is determined to sexualise every aspect of childhood. There?s an old internet adage called ?Rule 34?, which governs the fetishisation of anything and everything, from My Little Pony to jet aeroplanes (I?m not making that up, and I urge you not to Google it).

The thing about Rule 34, though, is that it has previously been the strict domain of greasy internet forums. Now, even the once-reputable Amnesty International is pornographying children?s stories. Quote:

Amnesty International agrees with Kristen Bell: Some of our fairy tales are sending a rape endorsing message to our children??So, Kristen Bell is right,? the group said on Twitter. ?We need to talk about consent ? and fairytales are an excellent place to start??The group also released an alternative ending to the much love children?s classic, Sleeping Beauty, in which Prince Phillip is seen kissing sleeping beauty before groping her genitals? End of quote.

What better way to inculcate your kiddies with leftist lunacy than by making a Disney-esque cartoon where Prince Charming literally fingerbangs Sleeping Beauty? Quote:

The real perverts are the people behind this trash. Children don?t watch Sleeping Beauty or Snow White and think about raping someone in a coma. But it certainly speaks volumes that the ?concerned? leftists do. End of quote.