Arctic sea-ice death spiral in full swing

As predicted in 2013, the Arctic sea-ice was all gone in 2015; ships can traverse the northwest passage in clear water without seeing any ice.

Oh, wait …

Well, that is An Inconvenient Truth!

The 2018 official data shows that the corner has been turned, the minimum sea-ice extent for this northern hemisphere summer has been reached and the ice will start to build again.

This remarkable good news will be featured in a front page special report in all the major daily papers and OneNews will devote a special news bulletin segment to cover it. /Tui

The minima for 2018, 2017, 2015 and 2011 are pretty much indistinguishable from one another and the sea-ice extent minimum for?2018 is greater than for 2016 which was greater than for 2007 and much much greater than the lowest recent record in 2012.

The much preached downward death spiral and melting of the Arctic with runaway permafrost melting causing a runaway methane feedback causing runaway whatever simply does not seem to be following the alarmists’ script.

Oh dear, what a shame.

But the real shame here is that the stupid politicians in all parties simply will not believe hard evidence that CO2 is NOT destroying the planet.

Once again, would a politician with a brain attached to a spine please step forward.