Auckland Oilers: Meet-up dates and venues


For anyone interested in joining other WhaleOil readers Auckland, there will be two gatherings.

Wednesday 10th October from 5 pm

Horse & Trap

3 Enfield St, Mt Eden

(Same venue for those of you who met the night of the Southern Molyneux cancellation)


Thursday 11th October from 5 pm

The Merchant Bar & Kitchen

219 Don Mckinnon Dr, Albany, Auckland 0632

If you are interested in going to either event and have not already messaged me, please email me at events at with your mobile number so I can put you in touch with the group on the night.

But wait, there’s more!

To end your stress over what Christmas ham to choose, the?Whale Meat Company is giving you a FREE sample at the Oilers sumps at the Horse and Trap and at the Merchant Bar.

The Whale Meat Company knows you want to taste the ham before you order for Christmas, so come along and enjoy a FREE tasting.

Platters of delicious, warm, ‘Whale Meat’ cooked on the bone ham will be served so you can enjoy tasting your ham in a convivial atmosphere chatting with fellow Oilers.

For those Oilers not in Auckland, ?there is truth to the rumour that the Whale Meat Company is also sponsoring a tasting in Christchurch at the Quarry. For Wellington Oilers, the Whale Meat Company is looking for an appropriate date and organiser to get some delicious ham to you.?.watch this space for more details!


This Whaleoil community post was sponsored by the Whale Meat Company

If you order before Sunday night then you will be able to enjoy your delicious hams and bacon for next weekend.