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Today’s review comes from Miss Mcgerkinshaw

A body in the Dales (A Yorkshire murder mystery)

By J.R. Ellis

I?m not an as ?educated? reader as the rest of you but enjoy a good murder mystery and have lived in Yorkshire. This embodies both and for those who know Yorkshire, it is a lovely wander through some of it and the characters that abound there with a bit of crime on the side.

The book is the 1st in a series of three
A body is discovered deep in a cave beneath the Yorkshire Dales. Leading the investigation into the mysterious death are experienced DCI Jim Oldroyd and his partner DS Carter, a newcomer from London.

The deceased is Dave Atkins, well known throughout the village but not well liked. While there is no shortage of suspects, the details of the crime leave Oldroyd and Carter stumped.

Oldroyd and his team try to uncover the truth, but every answer unearths a new set of questions. As secrets and lies are exposed within the close-knit community, the mystery becomes deeper, darker and more complex than the caves below.