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Today’s review comes from Lab Tested

Kafka on the Shore

By Haruki Murakami

“This book has sat on my Kindle for around 3 years. I forgot why I downloaded it. Eventually, a week ago, I clicked on it to read. Kindle told me, average reading time 12 hours. OK, I thought, let’s get started?..

? and I couldn?t stop.

About halfway into the book, the GF asked me… What?s the book about?

I have absolutely no idea, I answered, but I have to keep reading it.

In its simplest, I could say that it is two parallel stories. A 15-year-old boy runs away from home (we hope to learn why).

An old man must also leave town because of a murder. The Old man is simple and can not read or write. He was not always that way. When he was young, something strange happened on a school trip. He never recovered from it, but he can now talk to cats.

We know that the stories of the 15-year-old runaway and the old man are somehow connected, and as we get further into the book, we are literally screaming at the authour to tell us why.

When the book ended, not in any way that I expected, I needed more, so immediately got on Amazon and download another Murakami”