Boys will be girls, and Girl Guides will be boys

The sinister cultural Marxists grow bolder by the day in their incessant grooming of our children. These creepy activists are well aware that capturing ? indeed, brainwashing ? the young is their best chance of, as they bluntly put it, overturning bourgeois capitalist society.

The more culturally valued the institution and the more innocent the pastime, the more attractive a target it presents to the Queer Theory ideologues as they mince on, in their Long March through the institutions. So naturally, they?re going hard after the Girl Guides. Quote:

The Girl Guides are to ask transgender members who identify as boys to leave the scouting organisation, it has been revealed.

A new policy will see those who identify as male or ‘non-binary’ discouraged from joining the movement, in which young girls go on camping trips together.

However the same policy will allow biological males who identify as female to join the group, therefore sharing tents and changing facilities with girl members. End of quote.

So, biological girls, who would have just been considered tomboys before the sleazy loons of Cultural Marxism decided that biology and common sense are capitalist, patriarchal constructs, are banned from one of the most venerable institutions for girls in Western society.

Meanwhile, biological boys, with fully functioning male genitalia and as likely as not sexually attracted to girls (half of transgender ?women? report being sexually attracted to women), will be allowed to shower and share sleeping quarters with them. Quote:

The move has been branded ‘cruel, unfair and appallingly hypocritical’ by furious parents?Guide leader Carrie Wheeler told the newspaper: ‘If Jenny Smith says she wants to be known as Joe Smith, they’re saying “we don’t want you”.

That’s so cruel and very, very unfair. It’s also really hypocritical.’ End of quote.

Girls taking part in Guiding have previously emphasised that one of the reasons they join the Guides rather than the Scouts, is because they want to hang out with girls, not boys. Even weirdo boys in dresses.

But, once again, ?inclusion? is social justice doublespeak that really means that girls are excluded from any say in what they have to put up with. Like the wider ?transgender? movement, mostly male activists are denying actual women?s voices, indeed, demolishing the very reality of womanhood. Gender ideologues could care less about what actual girls want, just so long as deranged boys in frilly dresses don?t get ?offended?. Quote:

The Girl Guides said it received help from the transgender interest group Gendered Intelligence and LGBTQ charity Stonewall in coming up with the new policy.

It has previously denied it had drawn up policies based on comments from ‘individuals or pressure groups’. End of quote.

These are the sort of intolerant nutcases who have already successfully pressured the British Health Service to ban the term ?expectant mother?, as apparently, the plain fact that only biological women have babies is ?transphobic?. These vicious cocks-in-frocks have also mercilessly bullied female journalists like Julie Bindel for expressing the commonsense view that ?men disposing of their genitals?does not make them women?. Quote:

In a statement, the organisation said ‘girlguiding is for girls and therefore we expect a young person who identifies as male wouldn’t look to join’. End of quote.

Actually, you would expect the adults to take a stand for common sense, and not give biological males free access to young girls, and not convince “un-girly” girls that they’re really boys. But common sense is a commodity in short supply today.