Climate change refugees coming to NZ

This was the admission that Tova O’Brien was trying to get from Ardern in a recent interview.? She failed.

Ardern danced around on the head of a pin, as all politicians are wont to do but did not actually say the word.? Of course, there is a small problem with the concept.? There are no climate change refugees.? The ones who have tried this nonsense got their case thrown out by the court. Quote.

The Government is considering tweaking immigration settings to take climate change refugees.

It has been a week of relentless diplomacy in New York, with not a lot of sleep. The Prime Minister’s spent her days schmoozing and being schmoozed by world leaders, while her nights were spent between juggling bath time for baby Neve and writing speeches.

Many of those focused on climate change, and Jacinda Ardern has revealed to Newshub she isn’t ruling out New Zealand taking climate refugees.

We’re looking at creating an immigration plan that looks to the Pacific, and what options there might be within the existing arrangements.”

Climate refugees are people displaced from their homes because of the impact of climate change. End of quote.

While there never will be climate change refugees as nothing is happening or will happen, that is outside the bounds of natural variability; I am more than happy that our refugee quota is topped up with people from the Pacific as they are typically from Christian based cultures and will assimilate into New Zealand with an established Pacifica support network.

Christian refugees from war-torn Syria are not allowed. We must import followers of Islam who do not respect our ways or our culture and seem to have no intention of assimilating. Quote.

The existing refugee quota is being lifted from 1000 to 1500 in 2020, an increase announced recently after public in-fighting between the Government’s coalition partners.

“Because we already have a quota scheme, whether or not you could focus them on areas that are climate affected is potentially an option,” says Ms Ardern. End of quote.

I am sure that every single person in the world lives in an area that is ‘climate affected’. I realise that it is very easy to get things wrong in an interview but, really? Climate affected? What does that even mean? Quote.

New York City doesn’t look particularly climate-friendly during leader’s week, with monster motorcades ruling the streets. But while in New York the Government announced an extra $25 million a year to combat climate change in the Pacific. End of quote.

$25 million a year!? What on earth (pun intended) would that do to ‘combat climate change’. It would be about as useful as all of us taking a bucket of sand home from the beach each trip in an attempt to make the ocean bigger and thus stop sea levels from rising.?Quote.

The Prime Minister argues New Zealand needs to help prevent the damage, not be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

But New Zealand risks looking like it’s all hat, no cattle, talking a big game on a big stage about climate change but failing to take leadership on climate refugees. End of quote.

Tova is quite right. Ardern is all talk.