Countdown Lower Hutt joins the party

Countdown in Lower Hutt sent me this e-mail last Friday.quote:

Hi Christie,

We’ve got some good news!

From Monday 15 October, single-use plastic carrier bags will be gone from checkouts and online shopping at?Countdown Lower Hutt.

Shopping in-store?

Remember to bring your own bag, box, basket, bucket or whatever from home. But if you forget don’t worry – there’ll be plenty of reusable bag options available in-store. It’s all good. end quote.

What a pile of virtue signalling crap. It may be good news for Countdown, but it is certainly not good news for me. As most of you know, I am on a crusade here. Giving free plastic bags to customers is all part of the service. So now their service is going to be reduced, while prices stay the same. I am not happy.

Being a self-justified keyboard warrior, I sent them an e-mail in reply. quote:

I have just received your message about Countdown Lower Hutt going plastic bag free from 15 October.

While I accept this is all part of Countdown’s ploy to make more money, I really wish you would stop pretending this is ‘good news’, because, as a consumer, it is not.
You are not getting rid of plastic bags. You are simply charging for them. They are still available on the shelves. So this is nothing to do with the environment. It is purely profit driven.
I understand the business needs to make money, but please stop trying to pretend that we are saving the environment, one plastic bag at a time. This will make no difference to our environment at all.
For your information, over 50% of the detritus that ends up in the oceans are fishing nets.
Of the rest, most of it comes from 10 rivers in the world, 8 of which are in Asia.
So all this virtue signaling will make no difference to the environment at all. But what a boost for your bottom line!
I am very careful with any plastic bags I dispose of, and they are grossly misnamed, as I use and reuse mine many times over.
These types of bags will be still available, of course. It is just that they will not be provided as part of the customer service that I have come to enjoy at the supermarket.
As you are rethinking your customer service policies, maybe it is time I rethought my shopping habits. end quote.
At this point, I must thank our brilliant writer, WH for all of his excellent articles on the subject which have provided me with an education on the issue that cannot be found elsewhere.
None of it will make any difference of course. The virtue signalling is strong on this one. quote:
It’s one small step for Countdown Lower Hutt, and a large step toward our commitment to phasing out single-use plastic carrier bags at all Countdown supermarkets by the end of 2018! Together, we can do some good for our environment, so bring your bags and we’ll see you soon.

To find out more information, view the?FAQs.

See you soon,

end quote

Oh well. For me, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You see, up until now, I have had no reason to ‘borrow’ green supermarket baskets from Countdown but from October 16th, it is open slather and I’m looking forward to it.

I am now eyeing up PaknSave, which is just down the road from Countdown, and actually closer to home for me anyway. Not my favourite shopping experience, but they do have some good wine specials…

I don’t even mind taking my supply of reusable bags to PaknSave, because they have not changed their policy on plastic bags. Yes, they charge for them, but they always have. If I forget, which I do all the time, I’ll buy them… at least until they are banned completely, which will be sometime next year.

Just thought you might like to see my favourite reusable bag, which I take everywhere with me:

Just keeping it Green.