Crybaby of the week: Note Snow sports can be dangerous

Snowflake snowboarder now scared of snow! Photo credit: Debbie Jamieson; Stuff

How’s the state of this whinger?

Stuff recently had an article?on this crybaby who seems to have no idea that snow can have obstacles hidden under the smooth fluffy whiteness.

It seems that Mr Binns was partaking of a little rest and recreation back on August 1st up at the Remarkables Skifield near Queenstown. While boarding down a black run called Homeward Bound, our poor snowflake seems to have hit something that was under the snow.

He doesn’t know what it was that he hit, but given that the Remarkables range is a massive lump of jagged rock, he naturally assumed it was a steel fence post!

And what’s more, he thinks the skifield should pay compensation! What is it with Millenials? Everything is always someone else’s fault. Quote.

“I’ve been skiing and snowboarding for about 10 years and am very confident but I wear all the safety gear – back protector, helmet, crash pads. I don’t do?park.

“I don’t want to risk being injured and losing the earning potential of doing my job.”

“I’d been on Homeward and Outward Bound on multiple occasions and in the chutes,”

“There’s rocks and that sort of danger there but I’m aware of that. If you hit a rock you generally keep going. You might take a tumble but life goes on.

“A?razor sharp metal object had gone through the board….I can deal with rocks but fences and barbed wire – that’s a different story.” End quote.

Remarkables skifield trail map

So because his board got wrecked, it was suddenly a “razor sharp metal object”, it doesn’t seem to matter that he didn’t ever see what he hit. Well, fella, I can tell you that the rocks up the Remarks are razor sharp too. I have personally hit one of those said rocks and come to a screaming halt just like you did. I also got a core shot (deep gouge) on my ski’s just like you did, and it even looked exactly the same as the one on your board.

But nah, it must have been a waratah because nothing is ever your fault or just bad luck.

In fact, if you can ski or board off piste on the Remarks and not get a core shot, you’re doing pretty well, I have wrecked more than one set of planks up there.

Shame poor old Shane blew his shoulder to bits but sorry mate, that’s what ACC is for. You don’t get to claim costs for bad luck. This sort of thing is exactly why travel insurance companies charge you more if you intend participating in snow sports while on holiday.

At least the commenters on the Stuff article got into him too. I took this screenshot just after they closed comments down, possibly as 99% of the comments were derogatory.

Crybaby called out by Stuff commenters.

But don’t worry, I’ve found a better suit for him. No need for a back protector now buttercup!

Snowflake suit also available in grown-up crybaby sizes.

Binns said he would like a new snowboard, refund of his?unusable season pass and compensation for missed freelance contracts.

Seriously fella? You’re 33 years old. It’s time to take a little responsibility for yourself. You had an option of purchasing injury insurance when you bought your season’s pass and chose not to buy it. You made a calculated decision that you wouldn’t need it, and you were wrong.

It’s not like there aren’t signs all over the place up there warning you to beware of hidden hazards and your ski pass quite clearly tells you: Quote.

“User assumes all risk of personal injury and property loss or damage.”? And, “Use of this card constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions…” End quote.

Another Stuff commenter put the whole article quite succinctly when he wrote.

I shall leave the last word to these little wee kids who are way harder than Mr Binns. I’m picking they won’t blame the skifield when they run into a rock. (Note, some parts of this video are clearly not real but it’s cool anyway and these kids are awesome, unlike our poor wee lamb Shane Binns)