Photoshopped image of the day

Today’s post is a little?bit different because yesterday I was shocked to see that a Mainstream media publication had decided to copy Whaleoil.

I know I shouldn’t be shocked as our ideas and stories have been browsed religiously by journalists looking for ideas for more than a decade now but this time even I was surprised.

As you are all aware we have been using photoshopped?satirical images for a while now that are created by our digital image team. However, until yesterday I had never before seen a photoshopped image used by? ‘serious’ media to illustrate a news story.

Just for fun here are three photoshopped photos to go with the news story about the bats in Jacinda’s?belfry? possums in Jacinda’s roof.

Only one of them is from a ‘serious’ news publication. The other two are from New Zealand’s largest, most popular and most read blog.

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Photoshopped image credit: Newshub