Everyone gets a quota!

Caption: The left literally believe this is a thing. Picture: Patri-Archie Comics.

The left love themselves a good quota. Some of us are unkind enough to suggest that that?s because they couldn?t get a job otherwise: If you can?t make it on your own merit, demand a quota.

But the problem with quotas is: where do you stop? The modern leftist fad for quotas has much to do with the deeply silly theory of ?intersectionality?. Intersectionality casually tosses aside the core principle of actual liberalism, the sovereign individual. It is a fundamentally irrational ideology: as Sam Harris says, ?If you’re reasoning honestly about facts, then the colour of your skin is irrelevant…whether you’re gay or straight is irrelevant. Your identity is irrelevant?.

But rationality isn?t all that interesting to the modern left, so they peddle the interstectional bike as furiously as they can. Because the most basic fact of ?intersectionality? is that it is all about power. The left just lurve them some power and often the only way they can get it is by demanding a quota.

Bill Shorten, possibly the hollowest man ever to disgrace Australian politics, has discovered quotas but, as he?s discovering, quotas are a slippery slope. Demand a quota for one intersectional tribe on your victim totem pole, and immediately other mobs start clamouring for theirs. Quote:

Bill Shorten is facing internal pressure to follow through on a promise to consider quotas for gay and indigenous MPs, as his Labor team attempts to politicise women?s pay and representation in the workforce.

Labor Left MPs have told The Australian they are angry the Opposition Leader has done nothing to follow through with his proposal in 2013 to consider quotas for gay MPs, which was viewed as an attempt by him to secure crucial votes to beat Anthony Albanese for the party leadership?In a manifesto of his policies sent to Labor members during the 2013 leadership showdown with Mr Albanese, Mr Shorten wrote that more needed to be done to ?increase the diversity of Labor?s political candidates. End of quote.

The only diversity the Labor party are interested in is whether their candidates are puppets of the construction union, the docker?s union, or the electrician?s union. Quote:

?We should consider quotas for sections of our community that are under-represented in our parliaments, including indigenous Australians and the LGBTI community,? the manifesto said. End of quote.

What this pandering nonsense ignores is that groups such as Aborigines are statistically over-represented in many parliaments. Most of them, though, got there more or less on merit. Labor isn?t interested in merit. Which underscores the insulting nonsense of quotas: if Labor has to fill female quotas, then it?s natural to ask how many of their female members were selected because they?re any good, and how many are just there to fill a quota. Quote:

Independent NSW MP and lead same-sex marriage campaigner Alex Greenwich said there should be more gay and transgender MPs representing both major parties. ?Political parties should really reflect the communities that they seek to represent.? End of quote.

Given the estimated number of trannies in the population, accurately reflecting the community would mean that there should be less than one parliamentarian. But that?s not what these activists really want. What they want is power. Hence, veiled threats like this. Quote:

?If they are not able to do that naturally then putting in place a quota will encourage them to do that,? he said. End of quote.

In other words, we?ll force you to put our preferred victim groups in power.

But why stop at pillow-biters and cocks-in-frocks? Where are the quotas for foot fetishists? Meth-heads? Gay, transgender, meth-head foot fetishists?

On the bright side, if these power-mad loons get their way, middle-aged white men will quickly be a minority in parliament.

Then I?ll demand my quota.