Face of the day

Today’s face of the day must believe?in the existence of a magical birth canal.

Dr Alison Knowles is an Auckland Abortionist who says that abortions in New Zealand should be easily accessible up until birth.?Quote.

We’re of the opinion that a fetus doesn’t develop personhood or become a human until the time of birth. End quote.

The below video explains the ‘scientific reason’ to support Dr Alison Knowles extreme view.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is currently leading a government that is pushing Abortion reforms that will make it legal to abort a child up until birth and will make it even easier for a woman to get an abortion. Counselling won’t be compulsory anymore and they also want to take away a doctor’s right to be a conscientious objector on moral grounds. On top of that, they want to decriminalise it and Andrew Little is totally fine with women aborting their child based solely on their gender.

During the election, a Pro-life group got wind of what Labour was planning and ran the below fake election ad. Sadly it seems that the only thing wrong about this poster is that it is limited to unwanted children with disabilities when in reality no unwanted unborn child will be safe under the proposed reforms.

Notice: A protest by people opposed to Jacinda?s abortion changes. NOT a Labour party poster