FIANZ’s political push & Jenny Salesa’s capitulation

The?Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand?(FIANZ) held its Annual General Meeting on the 8 September at the Avondale Islamic Centre. quote.

Established in 1979, FIANZ aims to guide New Zealand Muslims in the promotion of religious, social, educational, cultural, and economic activities in accordance with the principles of Islam. The AGM was attended by members of FIANZ, leaders from the Muslim community, and Hon Jenny Salesa, Minister for Ethnic Communities.

The President of FIANZ, Mustafa Farouk, discussed some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the New Zealand Muslim community. Farouk spoke of the need to have Muslims visible in key government sectors of society. The Muslim community provides New Zealand with a point of access to the global halal market […]end quote.

Let’s run this statement through the Whaleoil translator, shall we?

Whaleoil translator machine



Give us positions of power or risk valuable trade.

It is interesting to note that the Hon Jenny Salesa?who was present at the meeting kowtowed to Sharia law by wearing a hijab. She was not there to take part in a religious ceremony inside a mosque but was there as a minister of the government to attend a meeting in an Islamic centre. There is no excuse whatsoever for her to submit to Sharia law inside New Zealand and wear a religious piece of clothing if she was not attending a religious ceremony.

By submitting to the Sharia while acting as a representative of the New Zealand government at a meeting she is giving the message that Sharia religious law is superior and more important than secular New Zealand law. She is supporting the idea that women are pieces of meat that need to be covered and that a woman causes her own rape if she does not cover herself.

Hon Jenny Salesa wearing a hijab during a meeting.

I should not be surprised given the ignorant so-called progressives currently infesting both the government the National party and our New Zealand police force who love to play dress up but I am still disgusted.

The Ministry of Silly hats. Credit: Boondecker