Fuel costs taking their toll in the Far North

TVNZ reports: quote.

For those in our most remote communities, prices at the pump are hitting pretty hard.

For those living in the Far North like Bridget, it can cost up to $111.52 for half a tank of petrol

Bridget lives in New Zealand?s most northerly settlement of Te Hapua.

Every day she spends $50 on petrol to get to her job as a bus driver.end quote.

This is the trouble with socialist policies. In order to fund a light rail to Auckland airport, working people in all parts of New Zealand are made to suffer and bus drivers are not exactly well paid. quote.

She works 30 hours a week and is the main provider for her four teenage children and her disabled husband.

?For my family it would actually go across the board it?ll affect me with my food my grocery shopping, my clothing even come down to medical costs for my husband.?

In the Far North, the average income is less than $30,000 a year. The rising price of petrol, just another pressure. end quote.

The distances that people have to travel in the Far North in order to make a living mean that they are really feeling the pain from the fuel price increases and it is a poor area at the best of times. quote.

?We got a definite problem up here and it’s power petrol and poverty,? says Ricky Houghton, chief executive of He Korowai Trust.

Unlike the main cities, public transport isn?t an option, because there isn?t any in the Far North.

?The families that we work with live in rural isolated communities it’s really hitting them in the pocket and they’re telling us they can’t afford to buy basic food,? says Mr Houghton.

?They can’t afford to pay for basic energy costs or power and now they can’t afford to pay for petrol.? end quote.

Aren’t these the very people that this government claims it wants to help by bringing ‘kindness’ back? I wonder how they are feeling about this government of kindness? quote.

It?s not just petrol prices, a four per cent increase in the cost of freight for Far North businesses means customers will have to pay more for their groceries and other household goods.

?We?ve had quite a lot of price increases from transport and other companies,? says Bells Produce owner Jeff Moore.

?So were going to have to add those price increases on.?

People in the Far North says they simply want the government to get rid of taxes on petrol.

?We?re asking for their help and saying, ?hey take the petrol tax off please?,? says Mr Houghton. end quote.

Axe the tax. Of course, freight costs are going to increase, and as always, this hits people living in rural areas most of all.

I know I say this over and over, but it makes no sense to me that the people who mostly vote for the socialists are the ones hardest hit by their policies – although I acknowledge that most of the north is National held territory.

I thought that both Winston Peters and Shane Jones were wanting to look out for the Far North, with a view to Jones winning a seat up there and keeping NZ First going with guaranteed representation in parliament.

Let’s just say that, with fuel prices, power prices and now grocery prices all increasing faster than incomes, things are not looking particularly good for Shane Jones in his home territory at the moment. No amount of poor acting is going to get him out of this one.