Gab under attack from all sides policy on terrorism and violence is very clear: they have zero tolerance for it. Despite the constant misinformation about Gab in the media, it is a true free speech platform unlike Twitter and unlike Facebook. Gab?s mission is to defend free expression and individual liberty online for all people.

Evil people use all forms of social media. Murders and rapes have been live streamed on Facebook. Death threats are made on Twitter. Even terror groups use social media so criminal behaviour exists on every single social media platform but Gab has been singled out for a mass attack on their business because?the alleged Tree of Life Synagogue shooter used their website.

Soon after the attack, Gab was alerted that the alleged Tree of Life Synagogue shooter had a user profile with them. The account was verified and matched the name of the alleged shooter?s name, which was mentioned on police scanners. This person also had accounts on other social networks.

Gab contacted law enforcement immediately. They first backed up all user data from the account and then suspended the account. They then contacted the FBI and made them aware of the account and the user data in their possession.

What followed is unprecedented as hosting providers, payment platforms and Domain Name Registrars within 24 hours were denying Gab service and giving them only a day to find an alternative. Previously Gab was forced to find another payment provider when Paypal denied them service and gave them an unreasonable amount of time to find an alternative. Now it is happening all over again but this time there may be no provider willing to take them. Gab moved to registrar @GoDaddy when they were last under attack?but now @GoDaddy are kicking them off their platform because Gab had a user who committed a terrible crime. Ditto their hosting provider.

Just before they went off the air, Gab said that they had been offered a new hosting provider but with just a day to transfer every bit of data before the current hosting company pulls the plug, they are scrambling and have temporarily closed the site to cut the traffic.

First, they came for Info Wars and I said nothing

Then they came for Gab…