Government’s honeymoon just about over

In the 2018 Herald Mood of the Boardroom survey, business leaders have had their chance to rate the new government, and in spite of some in the media trying to put a positive spin on it, the results are not spectacular at all.

A newspaper ?reports: quote:

The Coalition has worked to expectations according to 59 per cent of survey respondents; 15 per cent feel it is working even better than expected. end quote.

Of course, no one is saying what those expectations were. It is quite possible that some business leaders expected things to be really bad with this government, and are therefore not surprised by anything they do. Although how anyone could have expected the blindside to the oil and gas industry is beyond me. quote:

Several respondents throughout the survey have suggested they expected the influence of NZ First and Winston Peters would be problematic.

But others point to NZ First as a potentially moderating influence when it comes to acknowledging the harmful impact on business confidence from union-led employment law reforms.

Chen Palmer managing partner Mai Chen points out the Coalition Government is leading innovations like the Wellbeing Budget and climate change initiatives which will change the focus of the country for the better. end quote.

We can already see how the government that is bringing kindness back is working out. No houses, homeless people dying on the street and Jacinda hiring a PR company to follow her around New York. Is that the kind of wellbeing they mean? quote.

“I didn’t have great expectations, so although they aren’t doing a good job, actually they are doing better than I thought they would,” says GlaxoSmithKline NZ general manager Anna Stove. end quote.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, is it? quote.

Chief executives recognise a new government brings with it speed bumps. But says a banking boss,”I’m surprised at how little depth and capability there is.”

“There is not enough experience in the Cabinet. While they have great ideas, there are some very basic mistakes happening which don’t give much confidence at this stage,” says a consulting firm head. end quote.

Speed bumps, yes but they should be up to speed by now. They have been in government for a year, and have achieved almost nothing. quote.

A healthcare boss said his hopes were not high to begin with: “Unfortunately this is one thing they have delivered on.

“We need them to provide certainty on various aspects and engage properly with the business community.” end quote.

It is all due to the fact that business hates Labour governments. Didn’t you know that? .

“Too many committees ? not enough action” was the message from CEOs, over the Coalition’s rising number of working groups.

“We are waiting for outcomes from working groups set up to review numerous policy initiatives,” says a legal chief. end quote.

Yes. The number of working groups provides increasing uncertainty. No one knows what they will come up with, and different groups will report at different times, with the probability of conflicts in some areas. quote:

“The Coalition Agreement is clear around a range of outputs,” says NZ Local Government Funding Agency chair Craig Stobo. “What is uncertain is everything else that arises outside that agreement!”

But making decisions without adequate consultation ? such as the ban on offshore oil and gas exploration ? had unsettled business, and created uncertainty in a way that was not anticipated by business leaders in the early days of the Government.

There is also concern the Coalition has too many initiatives and “feel good positions” ? rather than tangible, clear positions. end quote.?

Funny how they can simply blindside an entire industry with one ‘captain’s call’, but everything else requires a myriad of working groups, all beavering way for months on end.?quote:

“This Government came into office with hugely ambitious goals, particularly in the social space.

“However, they have allowed expectations to develop on how quickly they can deliver, which is creating pressure and leading to a number of fumbles,” says a residential construction CEO. end quote.

When you run an election campaign on building 10,000 much-needed houses a year, there is an expectation that you will deliver. It is now obvious that this government is going to fail to deliver just about everything that they promised – unless those promises were made to unions.

It is time for the media to actually start holding the government to account. They are not performing, and it is high time that the media started to report on it. It is good to see that the business community is not fooled. Even though the only reason that their confidence is down is because they hate Labour governments…