Great News: Social Justice Warrior & virtue signaller extraordinaire may quit

Green party list MP Golriz Ghahraman


[…] But it has taken a toll. Ghahraman, tired of the trolling, told me this might be her first and last term in Parliament. ?People are like, ?You know, you?re forging this path, it?s incredible.? But I didn?t ask to forge the path, and maybe after one term I?ve forged it. Do I personally need to keep going when it?s so hard?? End quote.

It seems that the Green list MP we love to hate for her mistruths, incompetence, general stupidity and activism has finally seen the writing on the wall. However, given this nobody list MP’s penchant for the limelight I suspect that she has zero intention of actually quitting.?

I waded my way through a sympathetic article on Vice that gave a once over lightly to what to what has been written about her by her critics. quote:

There?s a perception out there of Ghahraman as a pathological liar, an overinflated balloon of mistruth forever on the verge of exploding?that she has founded her political career on a cynical reassembly of her own biography. That, indeed, she uses her refugee status as political currency, turning victimhood into political power.?end quote.

For a nobody list MP who seems to spend her highly paid time playing activist, it is impressive how many people she has managed to upset. Even the fact that a nobody?list MP with no constituency like her should be given an interview like this on Vice amazes. This is no shrinking violet despite her ongoing attempts to portray herself as a fragile flower.

In the?article,?the criticism and the facts revealed by critics were dismissed as baseless trolling likely fueled by racism. Golriz is portrayed as a poor widdle immigrant who just wants to be loved. A? fragile figure, who needs protection from the harsh reality of life and who seems astounded that her words and actions have consequences in the real world. Why can’t everyone just be nice?

Perhaps the Vice reporter was simply trying to avoid the fate of Australian Immigration lawyer Simon?Jeans whose opinion piece on Golriz resulted in a legal gag. Perhaps the reporter believed her brave victim narrative and wasn’t prepared to ask any hard questions.

The article tries to address the inconvenient truth about her city being far away from the war. Quote:

Mashhad is about as far from Iraq as you can get in Iran and was spared direct attack, but the war was still present: in screaming bomb-raid sirens, in public infrastructure renamed after the newly dead, in the war-time culture of sacrifice for one?s country, in the conscription of child soldiers sent with a key to heaven to clear the landmines on the country?s border with Iraq. end quote.

It also repeats her assertion that her family were genuine refugees, not country shoppers. Quote.

[…] The family had a distant relative who had claimed asylum in New Zealand, and they decided to follow. They toured Iran, saying guarded goodbyes to far-flung family. They flew first to Malaysia, from there buying onward tickets to Tonga or Fiji (the family still debates which Pacific island it was), with a stop-off in New Zealand. On arrival, the family approached the first uniformed person they could find, and declared themselves refugees. end quote.

The article also reveals another reason why we should be sympathetic towards a woman who spent her time as an intern helping defending violent and murderous men. One of her previous relationships was with a violent man and she is a survivor of domestic violence. Quote:

[…] Ghahraman has a keen sense of how violent rhetoric leads to violence?from her work defending and prosecuting accused war criminals, but also from a personal perspective. She is a survivor of domestic violence. ?I?d go out with my friends, there?d always be a massive fight… I couldn?t turn on my phone because every time I?d turn it on I?d just get a barrage of messages that would just be something like, ?Slut. Slut-slut-slut-slut-slut,? or ?Bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch.? And I?d just be like, ?Oh well I?ve got to turn my phone off.? And then, eventually, it got really physical. It was just like pushing and shaking and whatever. And then it got to a point where a couple of times I got strangled.? End quote.

Her lying by omission and the role the Green party played in the deception is explained. Quote:

[…] The story widened when it was revealed that neither her Green Party website profile nor her Wikipedia page made mention of her defence work, focusing instead purely on the prosecution aspect. A hashtag, #GolrizMyCV, appeared for the first time, and has trended periodically ever since. She was na?ve, Williams told me, for not realising her career as a defence lawyer?a role she is proud of, and had spoken about publicly before Quin?s accusations?could be spun negatively. End quote.

Despite being criticised for her support of the hijab and her silence in the face of the suppression of Iranian women in Iran right now who are removing the hated hijab, the article says that Golriz was harassed by Russians for speaking out about the human rights abuses. Quote:

[…] she started receiving death threats and hacks. Parliamentary Security later told her they were coming from Russian IP addresses. She suspects it had something to do with speaking out about Iranian human rights abuses. end quote.

Those Russians are amazing. They rigged the election for Trump and took the time to harass a nobody, list MP from the back of beyond. Golriz is a brave and humble victim more sinned against than sinning.?quote:

?People are like, ?You know, you?re forging this path, it?s incredible.” End quote.

Golriz thinks that people are criticising her because she is a “brown immigrant”? but New Zealanders are some of the least racist people in the world. We embrace immigrants who come here to work and to assimilate and integrate. All of us including Maori are descended from immigrants.

We embrace immigrants who love New Zealand as much as we do. Critics of Golriz need to make more of an effort to explain that they are challenging her because she says and does stupid things and because they think that taxpayer money is wasted on a publicity seeking person such as herself. They need to explain that it really sticks in our craw when someone who has benefited personally so much from a western education, western freedoms and values and who has been given the gift of citizenship seems to do nothing but complain and criticise the ‘patriarchy’ that provided it for her and her family.