Greenpeace rorts the submission process

The results of the submissions on the Zero Carbon Bill consultation have just been released. Quote.

When we set out to talk to New Zealanders about the path to?a low emissions economy, we wanted to go far and wide and?cover all sectors of society. After all, we are all affected by the?consequences of climate change.?What we got was more than 15,000 [15,009] people and organisations?having their say on the Government?s proposed Zero Carbon?Bill. […]

What did people say?
Key themes of submissions on the Zero Carbon Bill included:
? 91 per cent of respondents said they wanted a target of net zero emissions across all?greenhouse gases by 2050 set in legislation now
? 96 per cent of respondents supported the establishment of a Climate Change Commission?with an advisory role to Government
? 92 per cent of respondents thought the Bill should include provisions to help New Zealand?adapt to the effects of climate change. End of quote.

Surely they could have massaged the numbers to 97%!? After all 97% of climate scientists agree. Quote.

The Ministry received a total of 15,009 submissions, including:
? 12,444 long submissions
? 2161 short submissions
? 404 consultation forms.
Of the 12,444 long submissions received, just under 3000 (24 per cent) were unique (ie,?submissions that did not follow a specified template). The remaining were ?pro-forma??submissions that individuals completed based on template submissions from Greenpeace,?Generation Zero and other organisations (see figure 1).

All submissions received have been analysed and given equal weight in the analysis?presented below.


That means that 76% of the submissions were template submissions from activist groups; Greenpeace, WWF, Generation Zero etc who are all singing the same “CO2 is evil” tune and yet they are accorded equal weight with those from people who actually thought about what they submitted.

The deck was stacked and those of us against the Zero Carbon Bill and all the arrant nonsense it stands for have lost.

But (polish halo) we went out and consulted! Quote.

Understanding M?ori interests in climate change mitigation and adaptation are key to?developing an effective Bill and a just transition.?We worked with iwi/M?ori organisations before and during the consultation to ensure that?iwi/M?ori had the time and capability to respond to the consultations.?The Te Arawa Lakes Trust coordinated a hui in Rotorua with members of the Te Arawa Climate?Group, and specific hui were held with the Federation of M?ori Authorities (FOMA) and Te?R?nanga o Ng?i Tahu.

The 16 public meetings we held were open to everyone, and iwi groups were given advance?notice of when they were happening in their area, where practicable. The public meeting in?Manakau was co-hosted with Te Puni K?kiri, and invitations were distributed through their?local networks.

The Ministry had a focus on iwi media during the consultation to promote the consultation and?public meetings. The Ministry worked with many radio stations and invited M?ori TV to several?events which resulted in a broadcast of many stories. End of quote.

For all that they got 26 submissions.? Maori are clearly deeply concerned.? That must be why there is a Maori Climate Commissioner.? See also Face of the day.

It is going to take a major upheaval to change the current mindsets. Everyone seems to have drunk the Kool Aid.? When it came to setting targets only 61 responses said: “New Zealand shouldn?t have a new target”. Even discounting the boilerplate activists’ submissions, that is only 2%.

New Zealand is going to be wittering on and worrying about CO2 targets for years to come.

Hey ho.? A few of us tried, but the ultimate intent was clear in the questions asked.