Greens want no sanctions on welfare

You will remember that Metirea Turei, before she was forced to stand down because of benefit fraud (how are we going with prosecuting her, by the way?) wanted to be kind to beneficiaries and make life much easier for them to attain and maintain their benefits.

You will also remember how she told everyone how she ‘had to tell a lie’ to keep her benefit?

Just for the record, that is nothing anyone should be proud of. It is fraud. It is obtaining funds by false pretences. The rules are there for a reason. Until now, that reason was because hardworking taxpayers fund the social welfare system, and all beneficiaries are responsible to them. But no more. The Greens can see no reason why taxpayers cannot just keep funding beneficiaries endlessly, whether they need the money or not.

This is another slippery slope that we are sliding down rapidly. quote:

The party?is campaigning for a sanction-free welfare system, where compassion rules the safety-net for vulnerable New Zealanders.

At the Greens’ conference in 2017, Mrs Turei mapped out a plan to completely change the way beneficiaries were treated by the government.

In the same speech, she?admitted lying to the government in order to receive more money in welfare support?because she was struggling to raise her daughter on her own.

New co-leader Marama Davidson said it was important she continued this work and she was proud to do so.

“We’re very clear that we cannot address inequality, or climate change, without ensuring that people are able to live with dignity. That’s key. So this is a long-standing position and passion for the Green Party.” end quote.

You cannot address inequality or climate change without the support of taxpayers, Marama, and you seem to simply ignore that. You treat taxpayer money as if it is your own to do with as you wish. It is not, and your attitude to it is despicable. People work 40, 50 or even 60 hours a week to fund this. And that is okay with you? quote:

Ms Davidson will kick-start the party’s plan to “put the heart back into the welfare system” in Auckland this afternoon, before heading to Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch this week to do the same.

Green MP Jan Logie said they had a responsibility, as part of the Greens’ confidence and supply agreement with Labour, to transform the welfare system.

The Greens wanted to ensure access to entitlements, remove excess sanctions and review Working For Families, Ms Logie said.

“We want to hear from locals in Auckland and beyond about how removing sanctions and increases in support would help, so that everyone can lead a good life,” Ms Logie said.

“We want the community to get involved and tautoko this historic opportunity.”

The party’s own policy includes increases to benefits – particularly for low-income parents with children – and removing all of the financial penalties and sanctions currently in place for failing drug tests, not showing up for appointments, or not applying for jobs. end quote.

I wish to make it clear that I do not want to live in a society where poor people cannot afford to eat. I would hate that. But there is an enormous difference between that and not penalising people who will not go to a job interview when they should. If they can afford drugs, then clearly, they do not need taxpayer help. quote:

“For decades, successive governments have allowed our social safety net to stagnate and have also deliberately eroded it, meaning individuals, families and children don’t have enough and Kiwis moving in and out of work are worse off,” Ms Davidson said. end quote.

Kiwis moving in and out of work are worse off if they can’t be bothered to turn up for an interview, and so they should be. Welfare is a safety net. The Greens want to turn it into a way of life. On your dime, taxpayers.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Marama, the co-leader of a party in government, has no idea how much her policies will cost. She just thinks there will be enough to pay for it. Because, it seems the money tree hasn’t been shaken bare quite yet.

This government is starting to terrify me. The only way this could ever be paid for is by massive tax increases. The Greens don’t care about that. They think everyone who has money is a ‘rich prick’. But I have a word of warning for the Greens.

Their biggest supporters are not people living under a bridge, or in a house with 20 other people. Those people vote Labour, if they vote at all. The bulk of Green voters are people from the leafy suburbs of Auckland and Wellington.? Their biggest support base is actually in Wellington Central, which is full of wealthy people. Those voters think the Greens are going to save the planet. Will they vote for this?

Somehow, I don’t think they will.