He compared women to cat meat but has been reappointed Grand Mufti of NZ and Australia

On the 28th of September Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali was re-appointed the Grand Mufti of New Zealand and Australia by Queensland Imam, Abdul Taub Raza from the Logan Mosque in Logan, Queensland.

He was reappointed despite being infamous for blaming women who are raped as “uncovered meat”. Quote.

[…] Less well known are his antisemitic rants. Hilali shared his special “insights” concerning Jews:

  • Praised suicide bombers (who killed Jews) as ?heroes?.
  • Called the Holocaust which murdered of six million Jews ? ?a ploy made by Zionists?
  • Accused Jews of using ?sex and abominable acts of buggery, espionage, treason and economic hoarding to control the world?.

We must call out vigorously those antisemites who hold and spread such disgusting libels, particularly when they assume positions of leadership. end quote.

Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali’s reappointment is bad news for New Zealand and Australia, and even worse for Muslims. Muslims may complain about ?Islamophobia?, but as Andrew Bolt has said,?why wouldn?t we non-Muslims fear Islam when we see the kinds of? leaders Muslims keep choosing??Quote.

[…] Hilali may be hailed as a ?moderate?, but he called the September 11 terrorist attacks ?God?s work against oppressors? and praised suicide bombers as ?heroes?. A decade ago, he called the Holocaust ? the Nazi murder of six million Jews ? ?a ploy made by Zionists?, after accusing Jews of using ?sex and abominable acts of buggery, espionage, treason and economic hoarding to control the world?.

He?s also a symbol of Muslim lack of integration. He came to Australia from Egypt 36 years ago, yet still speaks through an interpreter.[…]

A month ago, Hilali endorsed Denmark?s decision to ban ANIC president Sheik Shady Alsuleiman from the country on undeclared security grounds.

Hilali, presenting himself as the more moderate of the two, called on Australian imams to ?moderate their words? so as not to ?distort the image of Islam?. end quote.

Is it just me or is he telling them to hide the reality of Islam so as not to scare the non-Muslims? Quote.

Indeed, Alsuleiman became controversial two years ago for attending an Iftar dinner hosted by then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. In videos of his sermons, he accuses gays of ?spreading all these diseases? through ?evil actions?, damns Christmas parties as ?worship of Satan? and says the Koran?s punishment for adulterers is ?stoning to death?.

In turn, his ally, Acting Grand Mufti Mohamed, in 2015 appeared to blame the West for Islamic State?s slaughter of 130 people in Paris. Mohamed, who also speaks through an interpreter, said the massacre?s ?causative factors such as racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitisation, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention must be comprehensively addressed?.

Why are Australia?s Muslims represented by such men? What must we then conclude about their faith?” End quote.


While that is happening in Australia New Zealand is not doing any better. Despite Whaleoil exposing Sheikh Dr Anwar Sahib, he has been giving lectures around New Zealand only a year or so after his hate preaching videos were exposed.

Sahib is the Imam who?called Jews the enemy?and said?women shouldn?t leave the house without their husband?s permission.?These are comments that?he has still not apologised for.

Despite his known history he was made welcome by Counties Manukau police?and made a video with Mr Rakesh Naidoo, who is a New Zealand Police Inspector on secondment to the?Human Rights Commision at the non-diverse Counties Manukau Iftar dinner.

Are there any Muslim community leaders able and willing to stand up to Imams like Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali and Sheikh Dr Anwar Sahib in Australia and New Zealand?

How can we have any hope when both a New Zealand Police Inspector on secondment to the?Human Rights Commision and the Counties Manukau police refuse to censure and repudiate Sahib?

Sahib’s mosque is still listed on the? FIANZ website as being affiliated despite them removing him from his position within FIANZ after he was exposed by Whaleoil.?It appears that FIANZ’s rejection of Sahib’s hateful preaching is only skin deep.

Andrew Little has declared that the?New Zealand Human Rights Commission plays a vital role in holding the government to account on human rights but no one has held Sheikh Dr Anwar Sahib to account despite the condemnation in the media. He has had the equivalent of a tap on the hand with a wet bus ticket and has not only been allowed to keep spreading his unacceptable messages he has been welcomed by Rakesh Naidoo and the Counties Manukau police, while FIANZ rejects him publicly and hug him privately.

The new Human Rights Commissioner Prof Hunt is a supporter of Corbyn and has not once spoken out about antisemitism within UK Labour?despite it getting even worse under Corbyn. The chances of him caring about the human rights of Jewish New Zealanders and Sahib’s antisemitism and misogyny seem slim to none.

These are worrying times!