Homophobia: It’s OK when they do it

It?s both discomfiting and enlightening when you?re moved to take the side of someone you normally despise.

I thoroughly dislike Alan Jones. The Sydney shock-jock?s on-air persona simply rubs me the wrong way, and he often comes across as a bona-fide bigot, whose role, for instance, in the Cronulla riots of 2005 struck me as blatant incitement.

I also dislike The Footy Show?s Sam Newman ? at least, on The Footy Show. As I came to realise, Footy Show Sam is a persona: a comedy act. The real Sam Newman seems intelligent and likable. Similarly, off the radio, Jones comes across as (and is said to be) an entirely different person.

Regardless of what I think of Jones, though, I was frankly revolted when fellow Sydney shock-jock John Laws appeared on Andrew Denton?s Enough Rope in 2004, and subjected Jones to a barrage of smirking, homophobic insults. While Denton giggled and his audience yukked it up, Laws trotted out a series of leering innuendos about Jones and former ABC chairman David Flint. It was cheap and sleazy trash tv that, had it been The Footy Show talking about an actor or sportsman, would have brought a barrage of complaints about ?homophobia?.

But it was lefty-luvvie Denton, broadcast by the redoubt of watermelon leftism, the ABC. So, totally acceptable to the usual suspects of ?outrage?-mongering.

Similarly, when the American left wants to lob homophobic slurs at a life-long bachelor, it?s damn the rainbows, full speed ahead. Quote:

Following Lindsey Graham?s passionate defense of Judge Brett Kavanaugh this week, many on the left took to making homophobic attacks against Graham.

Lindsey Graham, who is unmarried, has occasionally been derisively accused of being gay by critics and pundits who engage in homophobia by using homosexuality as an implicit insult.

After Graham strongly defended Kavanaugh this week, the same homophobic jokes came back in style among liberal comics and establishment media figures. End of quote.

This is the usual crowd of 2nd-rate Twitter celebrities and late-night ?comedians?, whose sole shtick is pandering to SJW millennials for whom Seinfeld?s ?not that there?s anything wrong with that? joke is virulent homophobic bigotry. But now it?s their side doing it: so, it?s all good. Quote:

Rosie O?Donnell started the hate train Wednesday, calling Graham a ?closeted idiot? after Graham sent a tweet defending Kavanaugh.

?I very much believe in allowing people to be heard. But I am not going to be played, and I?m not going to have my intelligence insulted by the Michael Avenattis of the world. I will not be a participant in wholesale character assassination that defies credibility,? Graham tweeted.

Rosie O?Donnell replied, ?fuck u u closeted idiot ? this is the patriarchy exposed ? this is reality deal with it !!#NoKavanaughConfirmation #NotMyPresident? End of quote.

Well, that?s a lot of insults and not much intelligence, from a has-been whose repeated promises to move to Canada have apparently been foiled by lack of a u-Haul van large enough to accommodate her corpulent frame. Hatchet-faced ranga, the singularly talentless stick insect Kathy Griffin, chimed in as well. Quote:

Comedian and far-left activist Kathy Griffin also joined in on the gay-bashing, tweeting on Thursday referring to Graham as a ?she? and calling him ?Miss Lindsey Graham.?

?Look at Miss Lindsey Graham trying to be all tough! What?Does Putin have a picture of Lindsay fucking a donkey? KanavaughHearings,? Griffin tweeted.

On Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel?engaged in gay-bashing, comparing Graham to Liberace, a famous gay performer.

?And once he got some camera time?somebody must have told Lindsey Graham that Donald Trump was watching because he lit up like someone left a thumbtack on Liberace?s piano bench,? Kimmel said. End of quote.

We all, to a greater or lesser degree, have a tendency to divide the world into ?good people? and ?bad people?. Oddly enough, the ?good people? are almost always the ones whose opinions are most agreeable to ours. But, when even someone we normally dislike is being bullied and vilified by a mob, no decent person can help feel anything other than disgust.

It doesn?t matter which ?side? you?re on: if it?s wrong, it?s wrong.