Is this all a cunning ploy by Paula to roll Simon?

This week has been exciting in politics and astonishing to watch.

It is also raising all sorts of conspiracy theories. Normally I don’t like those as they make you look stupid, ultimately.

However, today I have received two phone calls from people who attended a cabinet club meeting with Jami-Lee Ross and Paula Bennett in attendance recently.? ?

During the luncheon one guest asked what National was going to do about potential partners. This is where it gets interesting.

Paula Bennett’s answer was along the lines that you never knew what could happen, there was more than two years until the next election that sometimes “independents” pop up. Both sources then added that Bennett finished her comment with a statement along the lines of ‘You never know what could happen, eh Jami-Lee?’

Personally I don’t think it means anything too much, but it is interesting considering what is underway right now.