Jacinda rocked the UN

It was wonderful to see our young, vibrant prime minister rock it on the world stage at the United Nations. It was her first visit to the?well-respected establishment, and it has to be said that her job interview appearance there went really well. She recorded a number of firsts: the first person to take a baby into the General Assembly, first breastfeeding mother at the General Assembly, the first couple to change a baby in one of the rooms reserved for Japanese diplomats… she really is a groundbreaker. We should be so proud of her.

And in her time away from the institution, she attended interviews with women’s TV programmes and magazines and talked almost continually about… babies.

Gosh, she really is amazing. What a world leader.

Packed house just like Trumps?

She spoke to a room full of empty seats. She met Anne Hathaway. She talked about #wetoo, perfectly demonstrating her clear understanding of how the #metoo movement was all about women who had so far not spoken out about sexual assault. I wondered what she was talking about with her #wetoo mantra? Group sex or orgies? You never know what these socialists get up to, do you, comrades?

And of course, we were all delighted that we were picking up the tab, not just for her travel and accommodation, along with Clarke and baby Neve, but also for the New York-based PR company that followed her around New York, taking photos and videos and generally doing a great job of promoting our wonderful prime minister.

Doesn’t she look wonderful, in her Allbirds, walking along Park Avenue (if that is where they are)? Don’t they look like the perfect, normal young couple with their firstborn? Just an ordinary young couple rocking the Big Apple.

Well, of course. Jacinda rocks. Everyone knows it, particularly the sycophantic New Zealand media, who scoured overseas newspapers for any mention of her, and deliberately altered the angle of photos so that she would look as if she was speaking to an enraptured crowd?

But it seems… well, I don’t know this for sure, of course… that the money we New Zealand taxpayers spent on her absolutely essential New York PR company – the total amount of which is undisclosed, of course – may not have been well spent, if it comes down to who was really noticed on the world stage.

And you can bet your sweet life, it wasn’t Jacinda.

Here is the list, from The UN Times, of the world premiers who received the most attention during the 2018 UN General Assembly

Oh! Where is Jacinda? The MSM led us to believe she was the hottest property in New York! But it seems that the hottest property was in fact… Donald Trump.

Oh dear… Jacinda won’t be happy about that.

So, if her PR expenditure didn’t get her anywhere near the leaderboard, then why did we pay that undisclosed (but almost certainly quite considerable) sum for the entire exercise?

Well, we all know the answer to that, comrades.

Won’t this make a lovely photo on the front of her 2020 election leaflets?

We paid for this, comrades and Anne Hathaway is ‘still buzzing’ over it all…