Jacinda’s glorious triumph in NYC, all on film and YOU paid for it

Jacinda Ardern thinks her speech to an empty General Assembly is so grand it warrants the hiring of a foreign film crew to record her parade through NYC with Clarke and Neve.

After demanding privacy for her baby, she rolled out Neve for full face photos and video for foreign media. She needed the baby pics to complete her triumph.

What is most disgusting and shameless about all of this is that she used taxpayer funds to pay for it all.

The film footage is already being deployed in Labour party advertising and the anointed one is telling us that the footage will also be used for their election campaign for 2020. Quote:

Jacinda Ardern hired an advertising agency to photograph and film her New York trip.

In the past, New Zealand Prime Ministers have had a staffer from their offices take photos, but Ardern had a crew of three from agency Augusto’s New York office.

They have been used on social media and Ardern told the?Herald on Sunday?some would also be used for campaign purposes.

But the Opposition has accused her of breaching the rules around campaign spending. End quote:

Not only a breach of campaign spending but also a breach of parliamentary funding. What is interesting is the use of Augusto, the Labour party’s own ad agency. They feature Jacinda Arden on their website as well.

That was the so-called viral ad about putting New Zealand on the map. Perhaps the reality of that video was that it was also Labour party marketing paid for by the taxpayer. For her part, Jacinda Ardern is defending the hiring of a foreign film crew to record her triumph.

Augusto donated $18,274 to Labour?s campaign when Jacinda became the leader last year. When Oravida had a photo of the prime minister on their website and gave a donation to National the Labour party called this corruption. Strangely they are now justifying the same actions. The main difference between the two cases is Oravida got nothing in return for their donations and Augusto has just scored some taxpayer cash to promote Jacinda Ardern.?Quote:

Ardern defended the decision to contract the agency. She said Augusto’s fee would be paid for out of Labour’s Leaders’ Budget, a pool of taxpayer-funding which political parties can use for communications purposes.

They did social media for us, they did a bit of work on the last campaign and so they’re doing work for us now, helping build up our stock footage and stuff. Campaign stuff.End quote.

So why is the taxpayer footing the bill then? This is pretty murky stuff.?Quote:

The footage and photos – including for some occasions to which media had no access – were also made available for media to use, including the Herald.?End quote:

Who dutifully, and perhaps unwittingly, have used it to promote the Labour party.?Quote:

The Augusto crew were not part of the formal delegation, Ardern said, and because they were based in New York, the costs did not include air travel or accommodation.

Ardern said she did not know what the fee was for Augusto’s work.

“I haven’t looked at what the cost is, but we have a limited Leader’s Budget so it won’t be excessive. We wouldn’t have done it if it was significant. It was cheaper than bringing someone here.”?End quote:

If you don’t know what the fee was how can you say it wasn’t excessive? More dissembling from the prime minister.

This is a disgrace, imagine the howls of outrage if John Key had hired a film crew to follow him around? The accusations of being like an emperor would have been all over the media and left-wing social media.

For a woman who claims to have wanted privacy for her daughter she sure uses the wee child shamelessly when it suits. Never before have I seen a politician so willing to pimp herself and her daughter to the media for political purposes.