Just admit it Hollywood: You suck

Caption: When your movie tanks, but you realise that you can blame it on Russian trolls.

As I wrote some time back, the folderol surrounding the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters was a textbook study in fake news. It?s happening again with Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

According to the mainstream media narrative, the Ghostbusters remake was a masterpiece of cinema and a bold feminist statement unfairly destroyed by misogynistic, keyboard-warrior manbabies. As Red Letter Media comprehensively demonstrated, this is a self-serving myth. Liberal Hollywood desperately tried to weaponise its own failure. Now they?re blaming it on the Russians. Quote:

A media researcher based in the United States has triggered a fierce debate about what exactly fuelled the intense backlash towards 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi?the resulting paper has been accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journal First Monday. End of quote.

Media studies, like most of the humanities, is a field that overwhelmingly teeters to the extreme left, and as the ?Grievance studies? hoax shows, ?peer-reviewed journals? in the humanities are too often a sad joke. That doesn?t, of course, mean that the study can be dismissed out of hand but it does mean that trying to tout spurious academic authority should be treated with healthy scepticism. Quote:

“It shows [around] 50 per cent of criticism directed at Rian Johnson [the film’s director] was political trolling, some of it likely from Russia,” Bay tweeted. “Also shows haters [were a] small minority.” End of quote.

I have, as they say in the Star Wars universe, a bad feeling about this. Already, this study is beginning to reek of bias and cherry-picked data. Quote:

Bay’s paper posits that of the 967 people who sent Johnson tweets about The Last Jedi over a seven-month period, just 206 expressed a negative sentiment. However, his analysis found that just over 50 per cent of those tweets were sent by bots or people who were “politically motivated”. And of the 33 accounts set up purely for trolling, around half appeared to be “Russian”. End of quote.

?Appeared to be ?Russian??? I?m sorry, but I should have thought that an academic journal would demand higher standards of evidence than ?I just reckon?.

Note, as well, the cherry-picked data: these are only tweets sent directly to Rian Johnson. Yet criticism of TLJ was all over social media. Why didn?t the researcher sample, for example, Star Wars fan pages, or science fiction or movie discussion groups?

Dismissing what he claims to be ?politically motivated? tweets seems awfully like selection bias, a cardinal sin in research. Given that much of the criticism of TLJ was specifically of its ham-fisted politics, ignoring ?politically motivated? criticism is just a cheap way of dismissing inconvenient data.

The fake news doesn?t stop there. Quote:

Earlier this year, The Last Jedi actress Kelly Marie Tran left social media after being on the receiving end of racist abuse for months. Her Wookieepedia page – Star Wars’ answer to Wikipedia – has also been locked down due to a constant stream of offensive revisions. End of quote.

Tim Pool, one of the best journalists working today, has already dealt with this myth. There is no evidence at all that Tran left social media because of ?racist abuse?. While Tran indeed received some negative comments, it seemed far more likely that she was just never particularly interested in social media, and mostly ran an Instagram account as part of her publicity requirements. The ?misogyny? narrative was on nothing more than a Vox article which speculated that it might have been the cause. The story was eagerly repeated as fact, and a myth was born.

There is no way to pussy-foot around it: the TLJ was ?a complete and total financial disaster?. Trading as it did on the Star Wars name, of course it had a massive opening week. Audiences got to see for themselves what a stinkbomb it really is. Its second-week drop was the largest on record. They came, they saw, they walked away.

But, as leftists will, Hollywood steadfastly refuses to admit when they got it wrong. It?s not their fault, audiences are just hate-filled deplorables. Hollywood blamed the godawful Ghostbusters 2016 on misogynist man-babies. Now they?re blaming their favourite bogey-men du jour, the Russians.

Like Hillary Clinton, it?s a lot easier to blame everyone else, rather than just admit that you failed because you suck.