Let’s ban plastic and use… paper instead

Another e-mail from Countdown… this time it is addressed to those who have their groceries delivered. quote:

Hi Customer,

From Monday 15th October we will stop using single-use plastic carrier bags at your store. Now, no matter which Countdown store you pop into around the country, we will no longer have single-use plastic carrier bags at our checkouts or online shopping.

Doing this means we?re taking around?350 million single-use plastic carrier bags out of circulation, each year!What does this mean for you?
All online orders will be packed into?paper bags.

We trialled a number of alternatives for online shopping and think paper bags are the best option we currently have available. They?re recyclable, can break down easily in marine environments and you don?t need to return them to the store.

If you do come in-store to shop we?d love it if you brought your own bags – but if you forget, don?t worry. We?ve got plenty of options available at checkout.

Countdown Online Shopping end quote.

I must remember to take a couple of pet mice to put in my reusable bags next time I go.

So, the virtue signalling finally made it to 100% of Countdown stores, and now there will be no plastic bags anywhere in Countdown supermarkets.

Well, there won’t be free plastic bags, that is. There will be plenty on the shelves. So, the virtue signalling stops short of actually not selling the vile and demonised plastic bag. These people really do think we are all stupid. But, as most people just turn up at Countdown with a small raft of reusable bags in their trolleys, I guess you have to agree that most people are just plain stupid and fall for a virtue signalling line every time.

And, if you get your groceries delivered by Countdown, you will now have all of your groceries delivered in… paper bags.

Now, let’s look at all the wonderful reasons why Countdown have gone for the eco option of paper bags, shall we? quote:

They?re recyclable, can break down easily in marine environments and you don?t need to return them to the store. end quote.

Last time I looked, Countdown had a bin for customers to return soft plastics, such as ‘single-use’ plastic bags, so doesn’t that make them recyclable too? Or does Countdown simply take the recycling bin down to the nearest river and throw the lot into the sea?

(Actually, I think they must do that, as that is the only way there could possibly be the number of plastic bags in the local waterways that Countdown insists are there each year.)

But, let’s talk about paper.

Paper breaks down in a marine environment and it also breaks down in a good downpour. Not the safest way to get your groceries home.

Paper?may be recyclable, but the additional quantity required to replace all those billions of plastic bags is going to put a considerable strain on the supply chain. As more and more retailers around the world move away from plastic bags, this will mean there will be a need for a lot more paper.

And paper comes from trees.

I have this discussion frequently with people who tell me off for being a plastic bag warrior. Their answer is simply that ‘we can always grow more trees’.

Well, I have two replies to that.

First, even the fast-growing pinus radiata take about 30 years to reach maturity so that they can be milled.

Secondly, aren’t we trying to plant more trees so that we can save the planet?

So Shane Jones is (supposed to be) heading up a programme to plant 1 billion trees in this country to help to make us ‘carbon neutral’. Let’s face it, there has just been another one of those damning reports come out, saying that we only have a decade to save ourselves from the ravages of climate change, so Shane had better get planting, quick!

I’m not sure that we foresaw that he would be planting all those trees so that Countdown can pack their groceries in paper bags instead of plastic.

So in an effort to save all those turtles from the plastics in the oceans, we are now going to deforest the planet?

Way to go Countdown. Destroying the planet, one paper bag at a time.