Let’s misuse Maori so we can sound cool and inclusive

I have no idea why bureaucrats feel the need to throw random Maori words into English text, especially when there is a perfectly good English word for the context and more especially when the Maori word is not a good fit.

A ‘personal’ email just arrived from the exceedingly annoying Neighbourly program with an important message for ‘my’ area. I caved in and opened it. quote.

Hello [redacted]

18 October is an important day for all residents of [redacted]. In fact it?s an important day for all New Zealanders?

Do you have an idea of what you would do if an earthquake were to strike today in [redacted]? Does your family or your workplace have a plan for how they will respond?

All of New Zealand is at risk of earthquakes and all of our coastline is at risk of tsunami. We can?t predict when they will happen, but we can definitely take steps to protect ourselves and our family.

I wanted to get in touch with you today to let you know about our national earthquake drill and tsunami h?koi. More than 600,000 New Zealanders have already signed up to take part in this year.

New Zealand ShakeOut, is being held at 9.30am on 18 October. It?s a chance for your school, business, household or organisation to practise the right action to take before, during and after earthquakes and tsunami.

Whether you?re a household, business, organisation or school, you can?sign up to take part?and find information on how to plan your drill, and how to hold a tsunami h?koi if you?re in a coastal region.

If you haven?t already made an emergency plan with your household, check out?happen.nz?and work it out today.

We look forward to shaking out with you!

All the best,

Sarah Stuart-Black
Director of Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management end quote.








Tsunami ‘hikoi’? What utter nonsense!

Wikipedia says this about Hikoi:??Hikoi?is a term in the Maori language of New Zealand generally meaning a protest march or parade, usually implying a long journey taking days or weeks.

The online dictionary has this definition:?2. (noun) step, march, hike, trek, tramp, trip, journey.

I don’t know about you, but faced with an approaching tsunami, I am going to be running, not organising a parade.