Meka the Muss continues to beat on victim

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

Meka Whaitiri continues to beat on her victim in an appalling display of victim blaming: Quote:

Meka Whaitiri continues to dispute the allegations against her, with her lawyer saying they have “serious concerns” with how the investigation into her actions was carried out.

The Labour MP for Ikaroa-R?whiti was stood down from her position as Minister after an altercation with a staff member in her Gisborne office.? End quote.

She was upset she missed a photo op with the PM and blamed the staff member, pulling her by the arm so hard she bruised her. But apparently, it is okay for a Labour party minister and a guardian of workers rights, to do that. Quote:

The final report into the incident has been released on Friday after an investigation was carried out by barrister David Patten.

He found Ms Whaitiri likely did grab her employee by the arm and raise her voice.

“The Minister in fact approached Employee A from slightly behind and grabbed Employee A by the arm,” Mr Patten wrote.? End quote.

That is assault, prima facie. Quote:

But Ms Whaitiri continues to disagree with the findings. In a letter to Mr Patten, her lawyer attacked Ms Whaitiri’s former staff member’s credibility and says there was “potentially a political element” to the matter.

“We have a number of concerns about Employee A’s credibility which have not been considered in the draft report,” he wrote.

“Employee A’s version of events appears to have changed throughout this process, yet the draft report fails to mention or consider those inconsistencies.”

Ms Whaitiri’s lawyer also claims an email sent to the Prime Minister’s office, the chief of staff and Employee A’s employer contains “an explicit threat” of blackmail.? End quote.

Nice bit of victim blaming. Quote:

Mr Patten says he “does not accept” he has made a mistake in his findings.

Ms Whaitiri says she has “fully cooperated” with the investigation and will take action to improve.

“I have accepted the Prime Minister’s decision and I intend to work hard to regain her confidence,” she said in a statement.

“As noted I contested some of the allegations. However I am disappointed my behaviour led to a complaint. I am committed to my own development, including better managing employment relationships.” End quote.

Disappointed she got caught more like.