Melbourne gets culturally enriched again

Caption: Melbourne ? do you feel the diversity?

Run by the socialist Andrews government, Melbourne is vying with Adelaide to be the most ‘liberal’ city in Australia. Melbourne also ties with Sydney as the preferred destination for recent waves of ‘refugees’. Mix those together, and you get the most ‘culturally enriched’ city in the country.

Now they?ve copped another dose of diversity, African-style. Quote:

Up to 100 youths of African appearance reportedly terrified train commuters in Melbourne?s southeast overnight, as specialist police descended on a suburban park.

The Herald Sun reports that train passengers took to Facebook to describe how youths screamed abuse, fought with each other, and held train doors open, at Lynbrook Station. End of quote.

Nothing to see, here. Just another night of cultural enrichment.

Just in case you were inclined to be a bit concerned, celebrities, journalists and politicians will reassure you that there?s nothing to worry about. After all, they?ve never been carjacked or caught up with rioting Africans. Quote:

One woman on Facebook, the Herald Sun reports, said the youths started misbehaving once they were moved onto Lynbrook Station.

?Was organised by kids for hours cos they?ve all been hiding in trees and stuff around the station,? she reportedly posted. End of quote.

?Organised?? Sounds like you?re trying to imply that they?re gangs or something. That?s hate-speech, lady. Quote:

Another witness, Jacob, told the newspaper that he saw the youths causing ?havoc? as he was parked across from the station.

?There were at least a hundred probably more of them, anywhere from 16-20 years of age, they were young and of Sudanese appearance,? he said.

?They were hanging around the park. They were very loud, they were screaming and yelling and causing havoc.

?The locals would have been scared for sure.? End of quote.

Perhaps they should try living in the better suburbs. After all, Supreme Court judge Lex Lasry reckons there?s no problems where he goes out to dine.

Anyway, Victoria Police were on the scene to restore order. Quote:

Police were called out to a reported assault in Lynbrook at 7:30pm last night and found the group of nearly 100 youths. End of quote.

Or maybe not. Quote:

A Victoria Police spokesman told The Australian this morning that they witnessed no violence and no arrests have been made. End of quote.

Probably they were too busy cautioning the terrified witnesses against posting hate-speech on Facebook and Twitter.